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Legends of Loot

Legends of Loot

Release Date:  October 25, 2012
Publisher:  Majesco Entertainment
Developer:  Majesco Entertainment
Genre:  Adventure, Dungeon Crawler

Legends of Loot turns out to be another mix of multiple gaming elements that we’ve been too familiar with, but it is fantastic.


It pits players in various mazes where they try their best to find the way out, claiming as much loot as possible and taking down mummies, monsters and other opponents in the way.

Nonetheless, it is much less difficult to find out the exit than to open all the doors, kill all the enemies, loot all the gold, armors and weapons, and still remain alive. Doors play a key role in the gameplay of Legends of Loot – and the doors do not necessarily mean the piece or pieces of wood or metal that separate two parts of a corridor. There are lined stakes that could be lowered once your character turns the switch on, and the walls that disappear for a while once the character steps on the trigger. Accordingly, you will spend most of the time discovering the triggers and switches so as to get through the doors blocking your way.

Fruit Ninja might have exhibited the arts of a special assassin (or a cook, who knows). But the same kind of slicing items can also be a matter of life or death – and that definitely not refers to the end of a relaxing game and the replay or restart of the slicing experience one more time. Your character dies, literally. To be specific, whenever you encounter a mummy or any other enemy, you can choose to fight with it. During that fight, yellow dots and red dots appear randomly on any part of the enemy. And you’d better slice, or slash the yellow dots while avoiding the red ones. Otherwise, you will be scratched by them, lose your health, and even get killed in this way.

But that is not the only way to die in Legends of Loot. You also have to avoid the stakes that come out of the floor occasionally because their sharpened points might act as the last straw that drains the last drop of your blood and that forces you to quit the current maze.

The avoiding isn’t easy though. Not that the control is clumsy or dumb. Actually, the controls are kind of too fluent and flexible. The game allows for two ways of controls, among which the joystick is more convenient. Nevertheless, every time you attempt to move your character, it rushes; and when you try to turn to a specific route, it more often than not walks past the concerned intersection and turns at the next one. That explains why you need to practice more before you can master the whole controls.

Legends of loot does surprise you not only by presenting the familiar stuff in an inventive way, but also with detailed yet charming designs. For example, you can choose to fight when encountering an enemy and you can also flee or bargain with it. Also before you start your adventure in a maze, you can choose to take bets on given goals like avoiding any damage throughout the whole adventure, killing five or seven enemies, or claiming 20 collectibles. It is the unique design that help polishing the already innovative and absorbing game, making it one of the last games that you and I would ever wanna quit.

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