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Legends of OZ World

Legends of OZ World

Release Date:  April 17, 2013
Publisher:  Summertime
Developer:  Summertime
Genre:  Virtual World

Legend of OZ world is a browser-based adventure game developed by Summertime Entertainment as a prequel to its animated film-Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return. With stunning graphics, voiced conversations and balanced juxtaposition of main quests and mini-games, the game makes a good choice for all OZ fans regardless of age.

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The OZ classics have been adapted and moved to the screen once and again, cultivating generations of OZ fans. If you have ever read the dozens of famous OZ-themed children’s books by Lyman Frank Baum and his great-grandson Roger Stanton Baum, you won’t be unfamiliar to the magical world of OZ, where live legendary figures like Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the good witch Glinda etc. Your love will surely grow if you have watched the cinematic gems of this franchise, including The Wizard of OZ, OZ the Great and Powerful, and more. And now this franchise welcomes a new member on board, a browser game that entertains you by allowing you to be part of this magical world.

In this fantasy world, you can give Dorothy a hand in her glorious cause to save OZ by gathering for her companions, namely some well-known OZ characters, including Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man etc. Meanwhile, the adventures take you to some untrodden lands in the world of OZ, like the Talking Forest and China Country. How many times have you been craving for an access to a magic world? Now the chance presents itself and don’t flinch at this historic moment. What? You are not a witch/wizard?! Don’t worry, as by doing honest and kind deeds, you can make an unprecedented feat-saving the disaster torn wonderland of OZ.

Unlike in other role-playing games, you can role-play two personas, to be precise, a character you have selected at the beginning of the game and her little pet Toto. By switching profiles of the two indicated at the top left of the screen, you may take control of the two roles alternatively. Actually you may find your progress blocked once for all if you are playing one of them only, as either of them has strictly allocated abilities. The terrier Toto has good scent and is a good digger, therefore all the treasure digging tasks fall onto its shoulders, while Dorothy gives good construction to Toto and can communicate with the wonderful creatures in the world, which is part and parcel for this story-driven game.

In the game, you have the freedom to split your time among the weighty task of saving the OZ world, the relaxing entertainment of home decorations and the leisurely dressing-up customization. The journal icon shows you the quests available for you together with some hints for assistance. For example, when you meet the lion which asks for your help to find his lost crown, you may refer to the journal to see the best places to hunt for it. Then it is your dog’s job to dig it out after you have taken it to the right place. It is especially satisfying to see your dog constantly excavate out Yellow Bricks and occasional Emeralds. Both of the two items can be used to purchase clothes and other dressing items to customize your avatar and Toto. In addition to the joy of finding these rare items, you will also have fun by playing mini games during these quests, like whacking the constantly popping out mischievous Nomes, guessing the position of bones hidden in cups, and dressing up your Toto etc. These side mini games are not only interesting in their own rights, but also fit seamlessly into overall gameplay, which is really an innovative touch. The completion of each quest contributes to your growth of experience, which is related to your leveling up.

Do not belittle the little pet. It is not only of paramount importance in finding objects, but also needs careful tendance from you. When it is performing actions of digging, energy is spent and it gets hungry and dirty too. Two status bars are placed on top indicating its vitality and happiness respectively. When it gets tired, its movement is significantly slowed, hampering your progress. At these moments, you may spend a few yellow bricks at Glinda’s Store to buy bones and bucket of suds to feed it and give it a good bath. By doing so, you can speed up your leveling up and have fun at the same time.

Another highlight of the game is its conversations. The good witch Glinda never stints on her kind suggestions for your adventure. Her message is properly dubbed by an amicable voice. The words of creatures or persons on your adventure are also voiced, making you feel as if you are in an animated film yourself. That is not all the beauty of the game’s conversation part. You actually have choices when it is your turn to talk, and these choices leads to varied length of conversation and diversified content, giving you a sense that you are creating a unique story of your own. This is so much different from most other RPGs, like Dungeon Hunter 4 and Heroes of Destinies, which somehow feel like forcing you into a role.

The visuals in Legends of OZ World are also wonderfully presented with rich details. This together with balanced elements of pet raising, home decoration, character customization and rich quests will undoubtedly endow this game with a magic.

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