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Legends: Rise of a Hero

Legends: Rise of a Hero

Release Date:  November 6, 2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Mobscience
Genre:  RPG, Adventure

Legends: Rise of a Hero is a Facebook social RPG developed by mobscience behind games like Infamous Anarchy and Magic Mall. In the game, your goal is to become a legendary hero by building your kingdom, killing the evil monsters, helping the people and saving the princess.

The game can be controlled in its entirety with a mouse and the left button. Click the button and hold to drag the screen and view the whole map for the area that you are in. Click on a monster to attack. Click rapidly on a monster to fill your rage meter. Click anywhere on the world to move there.

Once you build a tavern, you can invite friends to hang out there. You can then visit your tavern and round up friends to join you on your adventures. Simply select a friend or two from within your tavern, then click “start party” to group up and triple your monster fighting effectiveness.

 If you have exhausted your friends in your tavern, you can hire mercenaries with Loyalty or Gems from your tavern. They will join you in battle and better your chances of world domination. Be on the lookout for rare elite mercenaries that show up from time to time, take advantage of them when you can!


Legends: Rise of a Hero is a perfect combination of RPG and social gaming elements. It successfully integrates item crafting, dungeon exploring and structure building into one package while offering all the fun you might expect in those gaming elements. However, the controls are not the best they can be and the exploration involves lots of grinding.

Similar to many other FB adventure games, Legends offers players a small patch of land where they explore the land covered by the mist, craft weapons and armors in the workshops, and run errands for various NPCs. Monsters are scattered on the map and in the dungeons and you have to defeat them so as to search the chest, crate, or anything stuff guarded by the monsters.

One would be amazed at what they can do in this game: lighten the torches, burn the rat nest, mail a letter, stop a fight, repair a bridge, craft tomes, chop down special trees, search for various stuff, visit farms, and soothe people you encounter. Although everything is done by clicking, you can always be surprised by the efforts of developers in optimizing details.

The real-time battles can be both exciting and annoying. Since all the controls relies on the mouse only, it would be very awkward to battle against monsters, especially when there are several of them attacking you simultaneously. You have to click to choose your target, click one of the skill buttons to attack, wait for the cooldown, and then attack again. Also, you have to click and drag the map to move your characters and avoid attacks sometimes because the view wouldn’t change otherwise.

The game has only a small map, which is divided into different sections and you will need to unlock them one by one. Each section is imaginably small. However, that does not mean you will upgrade as fast as you wish and be through with the whole game in a day or two. Monsters, including goblins, rats, bats and baddies regenerate some time after you’ve killed them. That increases the playability and difficulty. But, that also means that whenever you go, be it an explored or unexplored area, you always have to repeat the slaying thing. And that is kind of boring.

And as always, your progression will be limited by the energy system. You chop a tree, build a house, search a crate or flower and you will lose energy. It is reasonable – at least you don’t have to spend energy in clearing fog or anything.

Nevertheless, what slows down the overall gaming experience is the HP which regenerates two every two minutes. Given the fact that all the world are filled with malicious monsters that will attack you whenever you draw near, you can easily lose scores of, or even hundreds of HP in an exploration, or even be slain and forced to return home. After that, you have no choice but to wait for the regeneration.

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  1. ijalalvian says:

    game kalian besar x jadi lambat loading nya…..

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