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LEGO Universe

LEGO Universe

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Lego Media
Developer:  NetDevil
Genre:  Shooting Games

LEGO Universe is a Multiplayer online virtual world for Kids by NetDevil where a myriad of LEGO minifigures are able to explore maze, challenge boss monsters, and gather dropped items, as well as to  participate in numerous compelling missions.

The game was firstly released in October, 2010 and LEGO Universe won several awards and enthusiastic critics from LEGO fans alike. After nearly 1 year operation, the game has brought into “free to play“. To celebrate its one-year anniversary, LEGO Universe unraveled a new expansion Ninjago which incorporates various ninja-themed quests and multiple new features.


Legend has it that Baron Typhonus, one of the four minifigures who succeeded in finding the last component of pure Imagination, was drawn into an abyss on the spot which was then transformed into a Maelstrom, an evil source of dark energy. The major aim here, of course, is to eliminate the Maelstrom and annihilate its vicious spawns.

“LEGO Universe” is made of composite parts of various LEGO worlds and combines pirates, knights, ninjas, dragons, robots and many other creatures. In addition, many new worlds can be enabled and configured as the game progresses. Thus, the number of game worlds within “LEGO Universe” is virtually limitless.

This diversity and dynamism makes the charm of the LEGO Online game even more magnificent, especially since it comes in the game to defeat the forces of chaos and to protect and promote the imagination. Hardly a method is more suitable than his creativity in the wonderfully varied world of Lego.

The other three surviving minifigures are Doctor Overbuild, the innovative ruler of the Assembly faction, Duke Exeter, the intrepid leader of Sentinel faction and Hael Storm, the humorous king of Venture League. In addition, there is Vanda Darkflame who takes control of the Paradox faction. You can choose to join in any of the four factions at the beginning of the game. Needless to say, each of them has access to different abilities, weapons and ranks. Take the Paradox as an example, they are particularly interested in probing into the mysterious yet dangerous Maelstrom and have remarkable flair for using magic and ranged attacks to overwhelm their foes. And their three professions are Space Marauder, Sorcerer, and Shinobi. All in all, even in the character creation phase, you are already blessed with a wide range of selections.

Have chosen your role as a LEGO minifigure, you set foot on a boundless world that is comprised of five distinctive realms, such as luxuriant and verdant Avant Gardens, pirate-infested Gnarled Forest, hi-tech-oriented Nexus Tower and so forth. Each realm has its unique quests to accomplish and different enemies to vanquish. To travel among the aforementioned areas, all you need is a rocket ship that can be individually customized and freely revamped by you.

Since this is a LEGO-themed game, you will, for sure, obtain lots of opportunities to build creative objects with accumulated LEGO pieces, so long as you can imagine them. Nothing is impossible in this enlightening world! And the game is kid-friendly, so it appeals to both children above eight and adult LEGO enthusiasts. If you are yearning for an inspiring journey in a wondrous universe, join in LEGO Universe without hesitation!

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  2. […] Lego Universe is a relaxing MMO in which you can experience the casual gameplay rather than intense fighting. Belonging to the lego franchise, Lego Universe won’t leave out the typical construction of buildings and vehicles. You can have your own properties where you ought to erect imposing architectures in the originally vacant space. Comprised by thousands of small lego bricks, the properties with structures, animals and vehicles are not built in one day. No doubt, the build needs patience, but it is not necessarily boring, for you can assemble rocket with different modules to travel the world or build up a race car to compete in racing mini-game. […]

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