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Lego Universe MMORPG Goes Free to Play

Sara Lau
Jun 22,2011  10:06 by

The subscription-based casual MMORPG Lego Universe will be relaunched as a Free to Play version in the following Months. You can download the game client for free without any upfont fees.

The Lego Group today announced in a statement that they has been working on F2P LEGO Universe based on the Pay-to-play MMO LEGO Universe game since 2010. The release date has not been confirmed in this statement, but the earliest closed beta testing will appear in August.

Like Age of Conan Unchainted, City of Heroes Freedom, and many other pc online games, Lego Universe will be implemented under a hybrid model limited zones for free to player gamers, and unlimited services for paid members. Also, the LEGO Universe game DVD will not be available any more since the game is entirely playable as a free download.

Many MMOs are currently experiencing a turnaround from the subscription to F2P. The traditional monthly fee is replaced by an optional item shop where players can buy cash to enjoy more contents and premium items.

However, LEGO Universe goes the different way because there will be no item shop where you can buy coveted LEGO stones, but the game will be digitally downloaded for free.

Whoever is addictive to the freedom could buy the membership to experience the benefits of all zones, mini games and constantly updated contents.

In the fourth quarter of this year, the MMORPG will make its debut with new updates, challenges and rewards, and many other things.

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  1. […] experience all the contents from the free to play MMORPG LEGO Universe, you have to pay € 9.99. Meanwhile it was confirmed that there will be no item shop in LEGO […]

  2. okeyia says:

    can i play it

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