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Light of Nova

Light of Nova

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  JoyFort
Genre:  Sci-fi

Light of Nova (also known as Planet War by YooGames) is a free browser game revolves around the space-exploring, resource looting and galaxy battle. The game is currently published by Joyfort, a China-based gaming company which publishes The Stratagems.


Light of Nova conjures up a virtual futuristic galaxy where you role play as commander of a space fleet and your goal is to build an invincible space armada by colonizing other spaces and firing enemy’s warships.

With fascinating storylines, exciting space battles, and complex political intrigues, Light of Nova offers an electrifying multiple player game experience. Playing with thousands of players from all over the world, you can build an empire with countless planets and finally extend your influence and control throughout the entire universe.

Your mother ship and battle fleets are ready. The adventure is lying ahead! Board your spacecraft and explore the mysterious universe in Light of Nova.


Recently Joyfort releases its newest browser-based game, Light of Nova, which is a F2P Si-Fi MMORTS. Set in a fictional Galaxy universe where human beings have ruled the outer space, Light of Nova offers a platform where you can play as a fleet’s commander attempting to build up a matchless armada, wipe out the evil forces, go on with stimulating adventures, as well as probe into the mysterious Galaxy. To start this fantastic journey, you can customize your own character and choose from four playable space arms (Perseus Arm, Cygnus Arm, Orion Arm and Sagitarius Arm).

The followings are my opinions on Light of Nova, which I intend to be worthy of your attention.
The first puzzler I meet is the massively superposed interfaces which fail to give clear explanations about the key gameplays and operating systems. Although there is a detailed tutorial in the beginning, it serves merely as a few minutes’ introduction. As a result, it takes me a mass of time to understand the game’s production and combat systems by myself. Besides, I often need turn to the in-game help for advice.

Just like those browser-based games in the title of ‘Free to Play’, Light of Nova turns out to be nothing but a money-grabbing machine. In LON, you can pay real cashes for everything in the in-game Item Mall from spaceship upgrades to EXP and honor points. Although all of these things can be earned, it is very slow and needs long-playing. That’s why players who are at a higher level, are always those who would like to pay dollar upon dollar for the upgrades and weaponry. You could be easily stagnated at a low level in the beginning; furthermore, it will be very hard for you to move forward later if you do not drop some cash into it.

Warfare isn’t satisfying, either. Those simplistic combats are too shallow to arouse my interest. And fighting scenarios are very tedious and repetitive. Though Light of Nova is in the title of RTS, strategy is not the game’s priority. All the combats between your fleet and evil forces are divinable and are finished quickly. This kind of single setting leaves little room for you to make full use of strategies to arrange your troops freely and show your military wisdom.

When it comes to Galaxy-themed games, a number of games immediately occur to my mind, such as Galaxy Online series, Space Invasion and Pirate Galaxy. By comparison, you will find them have a lot in common with each other. Of course, Light of Nova is no exception. Admittedly, Light of Nova draws here and there on other games of the same type including the storyline, settings and operating systems.

Generally speaking, Light of Nova launches an ambitious but unsuccessful attempt in the process of developing browser games. In my opinion, a game will never be successful without reform and innovation.

9 Comments on Light of Nova


  1. donkey says:

    As of December 26 / 2011 still buggy game, but only full realease about 1 week ago.

    Sometimes whole a fleet will vanish, untill log out and back in again.
    There are some other random issues also with some assembly build items not starting either.
    Lots of menu's with in menu's so if you dont like that sort o game well…
    Space battles are lame static icons f
    iring lazer's at other ship icons.
    Still kinda fun for some reason tho….if you dont mind waiting for stuff and like to stratergy build stuff coz no real time constraints.

    Can take over other star systems for resources.
    Can join a clan.
    Has advantages for build clan tech tree, where all members get bonus.
    If you like to take your time do other stuff and come back to it this is ok game.
    2.5 out of 5 Stars would give it 3 if bugs were fixed – ( not all users have experienced bugs btw )

  2. Donkey says:

    Well sadly they just totally stuffed with this games dynamics, in the most reccent update early April 2012

    The games building levels and Tech doesnt even make sense, as far as my levels are concerned, I now have things higher than what the prerequists are required adn can no longer make the ships and things i used to.
    They have reduce the amount of tech research that can be done at once despite having multiple planets and als ocan only have one ship building queue at a time now, also the building levls of the other ships types directly impact on the next level.. so light building has to be high enough to build the next level in Heavy to build up next level for your shipyard… rediculous yes they all build ships but in a unrelated class..so w t f.

    Tto make things worse there is seeemingly a rather than lackluster and brief and not even vaguely enlightening documentation on the changes they have made, also i nthe recent stuff up your commanders now have to be of a certain level in honor to fly a certain clss of flagship. Of vourse there isnt even doc's to tell you what these levels ar eyou gottat guess or keep trying commanders..also if you level up a flagship now potentialy suddenly your commander cant fly it..

    Such sweeping changes..some players have quit others say its not even the same game…the waiting tiems have ballooned for tech and buildingto finish travel times to explore planets and get unique flagships have increased approx 40%

    They should have never released this game esp i nits current format, the lack of documentation the theft of 35 diamonds, which your purchase with real cash to buy items in game, due to poor programming code was a huge flaw conviently left open through many patches and months..

    Finaly words..its not logical captain… avoid, avoid at all cost 0.5 out of 10.. worst game i played ever because the developers keep fraking more severly with the game dynamics each time..its like tehy are trying to fix it but making it so worse each time ..the words taht come to min dare utterly "Epic Epic Fail " th double Epic's are well desreved here.

    Please for your own sanity, stay away form this game, unless you have a self destructive nature and like torturing your self and potentialy your credit card.

    I'm out

  3. Fuck says:

    I keep having to check to make sure that my Google translate wasn't on. Are you serious right now? I hope that you are an ESL, or barring that, that you don't make a living putting words into sentences. That was the most embarrassing assault on grammar and syntax I have ever read. And I grade middle school essays for a living.

  4. SovietStar says:

    How do i Know if a planet is not controlled by another player?

  5. Horizon66 says:

    I joined the game and aftger 2 days i was stuck on a tech problem. Game looked good so I raised a ticket trying to get the problem solved. During 3 weeks they kept on telling me to clear my cache and to change browser. Their support staff is appaling.
    I recommend not to start playing unless you want to waste all the time you played before stepping on a bug

  6. Hayden says:

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