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Lineage Eternal

Lineage Eternal

Release Date:  2012-2013
Publisher:  NCsoft
Developer:  NCsoft
Genre:  MMORPG

Lineage Eternal (Also known as Lineage 3) is a new next-generation MMORPG being developed by NCsoft. Based on the Lineage franchise, it features upgraded massive war scenarios, unique modern battle system, intelligent system, and dynamic positioning perspective.

The game was announced in November 8, 2011 and presented in G-Star 2011 in November 10, 2011.


Set in the same fantasy background with the first two installments of the Lineage series, Lineage Eternal once again narrates the epic story that heroes rise up to overthrow the reign of terror lasting for over 200 years. Against the eventful back story, players will take up the role of heroes, selecting from three classes of Warrior, Mage and Elemental Archer and entering the grand warfare.

Grandeur summarizes the war in Lineage Eternal. It clearly presents itself in the large-scale, fast-paced fighting rhythm, enemies in large crowds, and the powerful skills used in battles. Chaotic battleground is for sure with hordes of characters from opposing sides scattered on the whole interface. Engaging in combat, players can indulge in satisfactory hitting sense resulting from killing swarms of enemies (especially in one sweeping stroke) and shared glory from turning tide of the war through cooperation among teammates.

And the large-scale and sensational fight are not all that are enjoyable during battles. The immersive warfare is much polished to details with lots of new playable elements added. It allows players to interact more actively with other players, friends and foes, as well as with environment. Of all setups, the most striking one is the creative and resourceful usage of items such as using ropes to pull teammates up a wall. And the most common object, say a hook, can serve as another ready example. In the game, when baffled by a broken bridge or a high wall that must be crossed, players can fling the hook to the other side and crawl over or climb high via it. And it’s even possible to overcome some barriers by setting up human-ladder to help allies to pass.

Another eye-catching design in the combat system should probably be credited to the innovative ‘Drag-and-Hold’ gameplay, which has never been seen in other games before. Hold on to the mouse and drag it to draw DIY-like lines so as to excise various skills, inflicting damage on self-chosen scopes of enemy. For instance, if you initiate magic spell attack against enemies, you can drag and hold the mouse drawing a full circle, and all around you will be automatically hit without fail at the same time. Such self-designed attacking lines can better immerse players into gameplay, impressing on them a more realistic sense of fighting instead of indifferent watching.

Moreover, the game also employs a Smart View system, which will intellectually adjust camera to offer the best view-point for players during varied battlegrounds, such as the zoom-out option for players to best sum up the whole scene, really helpful especially in battle ground of large-scale.


Lineage Eternal on the whole looks like a clone to Diablo, especially seen from the released screenshots. since it is not available at present, we can only perceive the game in conceptual level. Yet based on what’s known about it, it’s safe to conclude that Lineage Eternal would be a big hit in the Korean Gaming Show G-star 2011. We will keep the game under close eyes, bringing interested players up to date. please stay tuned.

83 Comments on Lineage Eternal


  1. Unknown says:

    Im ashamed of the stereotypical western gaming community. Calling this game a diablo clone…. OH COME ON

  2. noname says:

    Diablo clone ??? hahaha it is in no way a clone, maybe because it's a game and it's the clone of the first game ever created or because it's a mmorpg then it's the clone of the first mmorpg ever made. Oh and for the record Diablo is NOT an MMORPG !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Azgo says:

    lol i play the D3 beta right now and it look totaly plain and boring compared to LE. Graphic Combat animation skill etc everything is better then D3 and i just seen a video… what is cool about D3 is well its Diablo serie lore side and for Fan play it's really awsome but else it don't bring much beside improved graphic

  4. tripp says:

    It does have similarities with D3, but it's not a clone. If some people would check some facts orginal Lineage was
    with isometric view also. But enough for that. Im really hyped up because of this game. Look amazing and cant wait for it to release

  5. noo says:

    Diablo3 beta was a joke. It was WoW in isometric view. Incredibly boring; perpetually cartoony. There's a reason why Blizzard is giving D3 copies for FREE to people who have 12 month subs to WoW.

  6. someone says:

    diablo clone my ass….i guess author never played lineage 1.

  7. Hi says:

    The game could be amazing. But the fact is ncsofts terrible customer service, failing to balance the game will make people either not want to pay their sub and wait for private servers or just go back to wow.

  8. Gyo says:

    If anyone knows anything about this franchise, Lineage II was one of the most fun mmo games in its prime. The gameplay looks a good deal similar and if thats the case this game will be one of the best of 2012

  9. redpigyogi says:

    If you guys know the franchise………..
    Lineage Eternal is more close to Lineage 1 than 2.
    The map, class, character, isometric camera angle…

  10. Meph runner says:

    I love hack and slash games and MMO's as much and more so than the average gamer, and I've played quite a few of both, including L1 and L2. I KNOW it's an mmo NOT a straight up hacker, but the isometric angle and the style of play versus endless hordes of one-shottable baddies is gonna draw some comparisons to D3 and hack and slashers alike. Not to mention that they say that the game has been in development for the past three years. When did blizz unveil D3? like four years ago? It's uncanny that small nuances like the "physics" based destruction of the environment, and the fatality animations that the boss at the end of the gampeplay video seemed to have, while not unique to D3, are aspects that D3 adapted into the genre a year before these guys also did it. Hell, Team Eternal even started their uber long gameplay trailer the same way blizz did a few years back with the melee character assaulting an endless legion of foes on a bridge. and you can't tell me the the interior dungeon segments didn't look similar in both decor and color palette.
    Still I'm impressed, the archer's burst shot that nails people to walls made me actually lol with glee and the massive battles certainly look entertaining. I am also very curious to see how drag skills will play out in the final game. They looked intuitive and made me want to play this game with my stylus and tablet. However, Eastern MMO space has a pedigree for featuring a very grindy gameplay style, and that worries me about this game. how many billions of foes are you gonna have to slaughter to get to max level in this game?

    For the TLDR crowd, this game looks like a grindfest D3 that will probably have a monthly sub… gonna take a lot to win over western gamers including diablo fanbois like myself… hope I'm wrong on all counts though…till then ill be playing totally plain and boring and cartoony D3 and actually making money each month in the cash AH instead of spending it on a sub fee 😀

  11. Savari says:

    Wait… does this mean ALL of those old NES and SNES RPG's I played years and years before Diablo was even an idea are clones because they share the point of view? …oh wait… those point of views have been around since Atari you say? Yeah… but… aww. -_-


    This game does look like it could be fun and while I have yet to try any of the series… I've looking for a new (secondary) mmo. Maybe when this launches it can be that game. 🙂

  12. Retta says:

    Is this a Pvp game like like lineage 1? Can I play with my friends and see there charsacters and go hunt with them like i did in lineage 1? How come no mention of PVP! Please anyone know? Is it first player game

  13. TheRealX says:

    Seriously comparing Diable to Lineage OR Lineage to Diable gameplay is like trying to answer what came first? The chicken or the egg.

    Does this dick comparison argument even worth it? People…… grow up. At the end, is two different companies, making two distinctive game and we Gamers have more choices and tastes. The game art is very different from one to the other. Seriously stop this dick comparison debate guys. Chill. We have more options, more games to choose from to play. Who cares if you don't like Diablo?? Who cares if you don't like Lineage or even both games.

    Ggg people, seriously……

  14. den thelw says:


  15. sad says:

    firstly Lineage 1 was before diablo and it looked exactly like this one

  16. Azin says:

    Who let's people like you write these things?

  17. zechs says:

    You’re all wrong. Its a nethack clone!

  18. TheAuthor says:

    A diablo clone? xDDDDDDD Please refer to it as an action rpg

  19. Sukumada says:

    Question for the author….What is Gauntlet?

  20. Tim says:

    This game is the real deal this is the action rpg I was searching to play for all those years after D2, btw D3 looks like sh1t compare to this game, D3 will be just a WoW-hack n slash w/o attributes points w/o skill points and w/o char builds D3 will be Diablo just in name and lore everything else will be something else there is no Diablo anymore after Blizzard North devs left Blizz forget Diablo, the graphics the gameplay and the skills on this game r all amazing, release this game NOW!

  21. BlizzardLover says:

    Cheer BLIZZARD and all his AMAZING GAMEs !!! Go to Hell Lineage and others kin!! I agree to the first person that said: it's a Diablo Clon!!…

  22. .I. says:

    WTF!!! clone my ass

  23. Meredeth says:

    LE item shop incoming hard… mmo for free? lol

    D3 buy and play your lifetime…

  24. Diablo Clone says:

    Diablo clone. Game will sux. LOL.

  25. Umad dotmmo? says:

    This game is so diablo wannabe. Total clone.

  26. newbi says:

    is this out? or when is it coming out?

  27. anonymous says:

    It's not a diablo 3 clone because it exceeded diablo 3

  28. MAN says:

    The author is a complete tool.

  29. Kixar says:

    Diablo fans are just made because Lineage 1 actually took skill to play. Blizzards games are all the same, mod it up and set to cruise control with the bumper sticker shouting "No Skills Required"

  30. BEQAFALKON says:

    HEY f uckin morons all linage funs i said this game is looking rly cool but its DIABLO CLONEEEEEEEE !!!!!!! WON KNOW WHY ? look !!!!! Diablo is a dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing game developed by Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment on December 31, 1996……… and after diablo this idiot ncoft realised———Lineage (Korean: 리니지) is a medieval fantasy, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in the United States in 1998 by the South Korean computer game developer NCsoft. It is most popular in Korea and is available in Chinese, Japanese, and English language versions. The game was designed by Jake Song, who had previously designed Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, another MMORPG. see ?? now look WORL OF WARCRAFT With 10.2 million subscribers as of December 2011,[13] World of Warcraft is currently the world's most-subscribed MMORPG,[11][14][dead link][15] and holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers AN WHAT IS LINGE IDIOTS THE WORST GRAPHICK EVERRRRRRRRRR the worst proportional game !!! NOW WHAT BLIZZARD ANOUNCED HIS GAME DIABLO 3 AND AFTER THIS NOOB NCOFT STARTED MAKEING HIS OWN DIABLO 3

  31. SacreDany says:

    Diablo 3 is awesome … but when i saw this game i was like : NO F*KING WAY!!!! It's Alot MORE COOLER AND AWESOME than Diablo 3 itself

  32. Nick Kalashnikov says:

    LOL listen here you little geeks! what are you talking about?!?! Blizzard company releases absolute plain and boring stuff like WOW i mean cmon its all cartoonish with like no action at all, sound effects are childish! and the only reason loads people subscribed to it is because UK, America and most of the world havent even heard of Lineage that is why WOW seems the best to them because ther are no more good MMO's out there and Lineage has LOADS skills to chooce from, loads classes and they all balanced the equipment is beautiful and graphics are amazing, say what you want but know the fact that if you into stuff like WOW and diablo then you are boring person who doesnt know that there are better thing out there like Lineage…playing that you will never get bored there is always something to do or someone to kill and get better but Diablo 3 i playid that and completed it in 1 day!!!!! i mean cmoonn! how plain is that and all skills are the same you just stand there and smash your skills on the mobs :l no fun at all, where Lineage actually REQUIRES skill!

  33. Jim says:

    " ‘Drag-and-Hold’ gameplay, which has never been seen in other games before." So this is actually a Silver clone in reality. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_(video_game)

  34. lominus says:

    ive been play Lineage2 (only) since its first chronicle (Harbringers Of War)till today that means like 6-7 years? and im still not BORED i played wow 1 month from a friends account and got bored of my fcking life and cried for that 1 month i wasted from my life the truth is one diablo 1 worst than lineage 1 diablo 2 and WoW worst than LINEAGE 2,diablo 3 and whatever sh1t blizzard will create will be under LINEAGE 3 for life so get used to it wow diablo tardo fans its over for blizzard NCSoft wins Lineage wins

  35. Sinner says:

    crap im a Diablo Fan but the way i see it LE is way better compare to graphics, effects, environment interaction, and skills. I do admit comparing both games, D3 is lost to LE.

  36. kaoru says:

    This will destroy Diablo. I played L2 alot..and I know what this game can do. It is the most complete game I have ever played.

  37. razel says:

    looks exactly like d3. If this is anything like lineage 2 it will be a korean grindfest from hell.

  38. kalle says:

    when is it comming oout?

  39. HonK says:

    Well Blizz ruined Diablo III with patch 1.03, even a bucket steaming turd would be better now

  40. Diablo 3 Sucks says:

    Blizzard developers should feel ashamed of themselves for releasing Diablo 3 after seeing this game.

  41. Alex says:

    WOW I got to level 60 on D3 on Wizard and bararian, and this fucken blows D3 out of the water. blizzard, YOU BETTER FEEL THE WALK OF SHAME

  42. Kencka Plus says:

    Go fuck yourself with the clone thing, you must be a Blizzard fan.
    Lineage series has always been awesome, and it has nothing to do with Diablo.

  43. LineageFan says:

    When is Lineage 3 (Lineage Eternal) Expected. Any1 have a rough idea on it. I jus dont understand y ppl fight over games like stupids?

    Ofcourse i played Lineage 1 for abt 10yrs till it got closed in NA and i am fan of Lineage. Mayb the other guy is fan of diablo. I jus dont understand y the fvk would he degrade Lineage 3? or y the fan of Lineage would fight with stupid ppl tat dunno wat a virtual world is all abt x.x

  44. Prepuzius says:

    stop arguing about it's a diabloclone or not, it is!
    Since diablo invented this tipology of H&S
    Don't take it the wrong way, it's just a way to define the genre, like saying hack&slash, fps, actionrpg
    Lineage is an ARPG H&S diabloclone.

  45. sewqrx says:

    diablo exceed lineage 1; history made by the victor. they try with linage 2, but diablo 2 owned them; now they say let's go back to birds-eye-view system and exceed diablo 3; so all this time this kind of game want to beat diablo. so maybe u right it's not a clone; but they want to make this better than diablo. don't forget to upgrade your VGA, cause LE seems a power-hungry game.

  46. Chris says:

    To the previous statement made of which someone said "ncsoft wins". If I so kindly could draw your attention to either Aion or Lineage 2's site, and the matter of how they had to turn both of their 'major games' in the direction of F2P because of how badly their gaming community on Aion (and assuming Lineage 2) were. Its sad when a P2P game needs F2P to barely survive, and in aion's case a little over two years, purely because of ncsoft(west in particular)'s negligence.

    Say what you want, but at least blizzard advertises their games to be easy from the get go, you dont expect anything else (even though play d3 on hell or inferno before you judge) but when Aion went from being challenging and fun as hell to a pussied down game where you're handed everything on a silver platter and a server to switch your toons to on all servers for x2 exp and drops,

    Thus said, if ncsoft can batch that game as badly as they did, I'm sure they didn't do much better with L2 since its in the same boat, so i have zero faith that they'll get it right this time. I foresee servers full after launch, a month after, 1 or 2 decent population, others medium to low, 6 months later, all low.

    It's their track record.

  47. LineBased says:

    Richard Garriott created the Ultima series in 1980.
    Ultima VIII came out in 1994.
    Ultima Online by Garriott / EA.
    Lineage 1 & 2 by Garriott / NCSoft after he "left" EA.
    Lineage Eternal is a natural sequel to Garriott's "legacy". If anything, Diablo is a ripoff of Ultima VIII
    " – YouTube Source, But I can confirm this. Just didn't have the time to write it myself 😛

  48. Paulo Almeida says:

    I don’t understand why people be offended by someone saying a game is a diablo clone.
    I remember the day when any company would be proud to call "Diablo clone" to the game they are making, because that would mean…MORE SALES.

    No matter how we dont want or dislike Diablo was an amazing game that created a new style of games. When we say is a Diablo like game, we all know what kind of game we are talking about. We could call ARPG but that could be a totally different game.

    I am not saying that a game called "diablo clone" cant be a lot better than the original one, or even easier better than the Diablo 3, because some Diablo clones was really good, like Titan Quest for example.

    Some can say that Diablo was like Gauntlet…well we all knows that was VERY different.
    If you read that a game is a "gauntlet Clone" will we think about a diablo type game?

    Someone wrote "firstly Lineage 1 was before diablo and it looked exactly like this one”
    We should try to know something before making a fact.
    Diablo 1986, Lineage 1998 not to mention that games was very very different.

    Ultima Series…
    I played and loved every Ultima games including Ultima Online.
    We can’t compare those with any ARPG.

    Like most people i Hope they make a nice work with Lineage Eternal I can’t wait to play a well done Diablo clone that can give me the fun i had when I put my hands in the first Diablo.

  49. L3notL1 says:

    A lineage 2 with updated graphics, effects, and maybe a new map would have been awesome in my oppinion…I guess i'll stick to lineage 2 though when this pops up, i honestly don't like the camera angle and gameplay overall.

  50. your mother says:

    hah, Diablo 3 is a big stack of shit!! so f*uck themself all the idiot who say L2 Eternal is a clone…

  51. taat says:

    hey guyzzzzz
    how to play lineage eternal life online
    can some send me download link of server ad game

  52. Adnan says:

    I Need lineage..???

  53. cikuakua says:

    where i can download this awsome game? !!!

  54. Thomasnab says:


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