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List of 20 Best MMORPG Games

Sara Lau
Apr 7,2011  08:04 by

How come some free MMORPGs finally become the best ones? No Way! When I search best MMORPG, there have been too much spammy websites that tweet its results in Google.

Each time I pick up games with the terms like “Best” and “Top”, I am always staying away from free games, because free games always means crappy games. So this time I only list a collection of best of pay to play MMORPGs and MMO games that have been hyped by all gamers worldwide.

World of Warcraft

Short for WOW, the game is insanely popular these days, kind of fashion to play WOW these days. Apart from the normal procedures that you create new characters, explore the maps, defeat monsters and complete all the quests, WOW offers you more than those, I assure you. You make a team with other players to complete hard missions together. And don’t worry about your experience points cuz it grows during the time you get away.


Wanna best MMO landscapes? ‘Rift’ can do that. The HD 3D graphics really satisfy you in many ways, your role is Ascended to fight against the dragon god and the rifts! In the world of Telara, you just follow the storyline and soon you’ll be amazed by its fantastic systems, namely the talent system, grouping and combat system. Also, the fast-paced gameplay will definitely turn you up!


Out of the sex playable races in ‘Darkfall’, pick one and start your journey. I said that arbitrarily because the choice of races does not influence the following progress that much. There is a little tip that you should better learn some skills from NPC trainers at first to be the ‘prerequisites’ to learn more advanced skills. Besides, the city-building and PvP combat systems may catch your eye.

EVE Online

Set in the futurist society, EVE Online presents you the world that humanity has to invade other planets in the Milky Way because the earth is too crowded. To start the game, you can choose from the available ones or create a new character. And the four races, Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar and Caldari, your choice will affect the future appearances and progress of the characters. Never stop advance your character to get more exciting gaming experience.

Lord of the Rings Online

Well, though the game is based on ‘The Lord of the Rings’, it seems that the gameplay has nothing much different than other MMOs. First choose your character, and do everything to upgrade and level-up your character, including the PvE combat and completing the quests. Oh, you may switch the first-person and third-person angles in the game. Good luck!

EverQuest 2

Set in the world five hundred years after the storyline of ‘EverQuest’, in the ‘Age of Destiny’, you can create a character of your own, and because this is a multi-player online game, you control your character to communicate with other online players while exploring the landscape and complete the quests. And one special point is that the creation of guilds enable you group other players in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV

The titles of the series are all the same, however this time, job and battle systems may have some differences from the previous ones. Well, you can create your own avatars and the Armory system (job system) controls the crafting system, meaning the character and its weapons should be in the same set. Of course, you can change the character in the middle of game. Anyway, you should really have a try.

Guild Wars 2

To be the modified version of ‘Guild War’, ‘Guild Wars 2’ brings you a brand new experience of the real-time warfare in full-3D environment, needless to say the advanced graphics and animations can definitely attract you here. First step in this game is to choose one of the five playable races and eight professions, and numerous character levels. Basically, the game offers you a chance of playing the game how you want. The five dragons are about to destroy Tyria and you’ll be counted on!


Good thing is that you can not only pick your avatar but also customize it, the height, the looks, almost everything. In ‘Aion’, the hero creates humans but refuses to give in to the dark power, and that’s why the world is on the edge. Oop! The world needs you to become peaceful again. But your initial character is all level-1 stuff, meaning if you want more advanced characters, you should always upgrading! The PvPvE system can really turn you up. Come on!

Dark Age of Camelot

Set in the medieval times, the full 3D game prepares wonderful and exciting adventures for you, and it’s up to you whether to go alone or with teams. Always remember, monsters are everywhere, dungeons, RvR zones, everywhere. After you can pick up one of the three realms, namely Albion, Hibernia and Midgard, the virtual fight begins. Want more unlocked functions and skills? Upgrading as rapid as possible!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Based on the story of ‘Star Wars universe’, ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ gives you plenty of context about the missions and quests that you have to complete. Also, you can choose whether to open or close the storyline to have a smooth gaming experience. There is a tunnel shooter when you ever come to the space combat, which feels like just in the movies, that you should never miss.

DC Universe Online

More than just picking a character, you still need to find a mentor to turn to for the urgent communications. And take my advice that be careful when you choose your character because the storyline, the upgrading, everything will be affected by this decision. Set in present days, you are in the middle of a nasty war between heroes and villains. Get your side and let’s take a fight!


Tired with the normal combat systems? You got it! ‘Aika Online’ offers you the chance of ever waging war to other players, and you can customize the battlegrounds and other new functions. You are in middle of big-scale warfare among five nations in the world presented by Aika. Plus, be my guest to choose from the three major PvP modes, I’ll 100% sure that you’ll never miss the hundreds of monsters to defeat, over 1000 quests to complete in 15 fantastic-designed rendered areas. Ready?

I will keep updating this MMO list

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  1. Haze says:

    Merci pour la liste , marre des mmo gratuits qui valent rien 😉

  2. COurt says:

    Have I forgotten how to count?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, there is only 12 listings here, and almost half of them are now in a free to play model. Also, free games does not equal crappy games.

  4. buttmunch says:

    what are you talking about

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