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List of Best Strategy Browser Online Games

Sara Lau
Apr 2,2011  10:04 by

DotMMO’s webmaster John just collected a huge list of browser games online with multiplayer support. You may get what you are expecting for this list. Or at least, the browser strategy games here are just for fun when we are seeking monetary escape from work pressure.

1 Warflow

Warflow is a free-to-play, browser-based, real-time strategy game with its storyline tightly-knit around the theme of war. Although city-building and soldier-management remain as necessary premise of the game, they will nevertheless not occupy much time so as to allow players to engage in the thickness of war as soon as possible. In addition to the heroism and leadership being guaranteed, players can also enjoy the teamwork when they join group fight against NPC and participate in the Legion versus Legion battle. Besides, various enhanced military tasks characterized with overall 72 types of forces and 10 optional battle formations all promise an intensified warflow.

2 Batheo

Batheo is a free browser MMORPG with war and strategy as its kernel. This game is set in the backdrop of ancient Greek mythology and inspired by the glorious war among three gods of Hades, Athena and Zeus. Players will start with awakening heroes to take side and fight the rival army. Instead of focusing on lesser issues such as building and managing cities and towns, this game straightforwardly accentuates the art of strategy. To win a game, the crucial factor lies in players’ strategic deploy of its army and bring out the best of each class. The eight customizable battle formations available in the game will enable players to give full play to their resourcefulness and military talents.

3 Dynasty Saga

Dynasty Saga, a free browser-based strategy MMORPG, is said to have raised the bar for the war-themed games. It has spared gamers from the time-consuming, patience-grinding process of construction and recruitment by making them instant in the very beginning of the game. Players can build four basic buildings known as guild, bank, drill ground and civilian household as starters and upgrade them to gain various back supplies for their future war. After that they can well set on the journey to battle against all the heroes out of the Three Kingdoms gradually.

4 Call of Gods

Call of Gods is a free browser-based tactic-required MMORPG, developed by Shanghai-based Boyojoy Studio for American and European market. Players in this game will first create their characters with choices of three races, namely the elf, human and immortal. Then they can begin to claim a territory, build castles, produce resources, develop new technology and weapons, taking quests to compete with rivals, and explore the wilderness and instanced dungeons following various maps. Through all kinds of trials and tribulations, players will seek to forge themselves into the strongest race and expel the demon troops.

5 Hero Civilization

Hero Civilization, developed by Vibrant Communications, is a new free browser-based strategy MMORPG in the setting of a fantastic land named Mu. Here gathers a constellation of heroes who will seek for the hegemony in battles with diamond-cut-diamond style. In the game, three races with respective ten different military divisions under control are available for players to choose from and meanwhile to form diversified strategies in a battle. Besides, the installed alliance system in it brings about a cooperative and interactive gaming ambience; while non-combat quests enable the excise of governance and administration.

6 Lords Online

Labeled as a browser-based strategy-tinged MMORPG, Lords Online will bring gamers back into a mystical continent named Mu at the medieval times. Players will assume the role of a Lord to restore a world which is falling asunder by the raging wars. Players will build their own empires, recruit soldiers and train them to be specific types of forces, lead academies to develop new weapons and technology to equip the troops, and finally go to war. Moreover, multiple levels of upgrading, various dungeons, varied military units and movable maps will all enhance the gaming pleasure.

7, Three Kingdoms Online

As suggested by its name, Three Kingdoms Online is a browser-based strategy MMORPG set in the background of the Three Kingdoms epoch in ancient China. Returning to that eventful era, players will act out roles of heroes to take side and choose to ally with one of the three competing warlords. Before they go into war, players should begin with producing and storing the four basic resources including wood, stone, iron and food, since they are the solid foundation and pivotal recipe for triumph. Meanwhile, with the level up of heroes, players can gradually add in more buildings including Library, Governor’s House, Command Center and Market, etc.

8, Evony

Evony is a massively multiplayer web game mixed with real-time strategy in the setting of medieval times. Just like most typical strategy games, a player will assume the role of a lord of a city and then expand his territory by taking sequential measures as follows: producing and accumulating various resources (in this case including gold, food, wood, stone, and iron), enlarging the urban population, adding more other architectures and finally claiming more cities. In addition, this game introduces the PvP system, which allows players to plunder and attack other cities. Besides, Prestige and Honor can be gained by finishing certain quests to increase player’s rank and upgrade their titles.

9, Empire Craft

Empire Craft is a browser-based real-time strategy MMORPG with the everlasting medieval fantasy backdrop. Its great graphics depict a war-ridden Dark Millennium when the Dwarf, Human and the Orcas ally together to confront the demon race. With a low requirement for PC hardware and simple operation, this game is easily accessible and enjoyable that players can build cities, dispatch troops, take quests at newbie, daily and union levels, maneuver army in strategic battles, interact with friends and participate in series of combat systems.

10, Caesary

With the common tag as a browser-based strategy MMORPG, Caesary will soak in you a completely different gaming experience. Taking the cue from its name, players can safely assume that this game has a bearing with Caesars and Rome. Players in this game can take in the ancient Roman townscape from the in-game buildings, know about the war pattern of Roman era from in-game designs of weapon and tactics, and even review the concept of sovereign-tributary relation from its colonization system. Besides, this game also promises players a freely changeable identity, unique league emblem and permission to jump in a strategic battle even in the middle of it.

11 Maegica

Maegica is a browser-based game which integrates elements of role-playing, real-time strategy as well as city building. Back into a fantasy, chaotic land, players will assume the role of heroes and shoulder the responsibility to end all turmoil. Initially as the owner of a city, the player should build and govern it wisely to make it a base to supply food, forces and technology for future warfare, either against NPC bosses or in PvP battles. With solo battles available, the game highlights its large-scaled group fighting which allow 100 players with 500 recruited heroes to participate simultaneously in one battle. Players will find doubled pleasure when they team up with one another.

12 Ministry of War

Ministry of War (MOW), a free real-time strategy web game, is set in a vast land encompassing four civilizations of Rome, China, Egypt and Persia at medieval times. Players will establish in one of the four nations their own empires that evolve from the Dark Age to Empirical phase. They will build cities, recruit and drill massive armies ranging from melee, ranged, cavalry to siege unit, and plunge into PvP, PvE and GvG (Guild versus Guild) in solo or with alliance. Besides, there is also an Endgame for players lead their empire to strive for the Champion of the whole world and write a new chapter in the history of MOW.

13 Lord of Ages

Lord of Ages is a free-to-play browser-based online game that combines real-time strategy and simulation of army into a persistent game world in the setting of the turbulent Middle Age in Europe. The storyline proceeds smoothly and sequentially as follows. Players will start with a small territory where they build castles, collect resources, develop economy and technology, recruit army before they are powerful enough to attack or lay siege to other players’ countries to plunder resources, capture heroes, and finally endeavor to win out the Lord of Ages.

14, Dragon’s Call

Dragon’s Call is a free browser-based warfare-themed game in a fantasy setting of western mythology. Three character archetypes with enormous matching skills are available in the game, that is, Warrior with strong melee skills, Mage with powerful magic spells and Assassin with nimble quick attack. After defining their favorite characters, players can fling themselves into the sufficient, sophisticated, smooth in-game systems, which include equipment refining and combination, auction house and market, and PvP system allowing combat in arena and looting in the wild, etc. besides, this game is subject to regular update with more intriguing content and game modes to bring players continuous surprises and delight.

15 Kingory

Kingory, a free strategy web game, is inspired by the legend of Three Kingdoms in ancient China. Players will be given a single city at the outset and entitled as the lord of it. Then with support from the four resource fields of stone, lumber, iron and food in the rural area, players can start plan out its unique and practical townscapes with overall nine optional building types. Careful planning is needed due to the limited clearings. With a well-organized city and highly-disciplined army, players will be able to explore outside and wage war either in the Map or in the Arena so as to take control of more domains.

16 Grepolis

Grepolis is a browser-based multiplayer online game that integrates military simulation and city construction and management in the setting of Greek myth. To build their magnificent empire, players have to start from the meager lumberjack and quarry. Resource collection is the first step and mines producing lumber, stone and silver coins as well as temples to win God’s favor should be built in the first place. Then once laid a solid foundation, players can gradually expand their territories with more building constructed and more people recruited. In this game, players can have administrators, merchants, high priestess, commanders and captains to take charge of corresponding sectors of the society to creature powerful empires of their own.

17 War of Legends

War of Legends is a browser-based strategy MMO with a warfare theme adapted from Chinese myth of the Investiture of Gods back into the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The whole game world is persistent and in real time. It requires players to see the whole picture of their empires rather than simply taking charge of one hero character. They need to build four resource-supplying mines in the outskirt while inside the city wall construct castles, barracks, domicile and other necessary architectures. Grounded on the well-functioned governance of the city, players can further expand outside.

18 8Realms

Developers of 8Realms are intended to make this game bracing and overwhelming out of the worn content of empire building. While it is unavoidable to maintain the basic elements such as construction, maintenance, resource-collection, defense and expansion, this game seeks to enliven and enrich these contents both in style and in graphic. Besides, players in this game can not only feast competitions against each other, but also have to outrun the tick of time for ultimate victory.

19 9 Empires

9 Empires is a strategy browser game with a touch of magic and fantasy. Under the guidance of the initial tutorial and instruction, players can warm up with the simple quests and resource collection. Players will first choose one race out of nine offers and then follow the traditional procedures of empire establishment from humble village to magnificent state. While wars are inevitable, players should take note to stay alert to defend as always and take initiative to attack if necessary. Feat and exploit will honor those who deserve.

20 Clash of Kingdoms

Among myriads of games with the same Three Kingdoms background, how will Clash of Kingdoms, a browser-based MMORPG featuring warfare and real-time strategy, distinguish itself from others? It does stand out, thanks to its unique game design focusing on the necessity of collaborative efforts of players. Single-handed heroes will not withstand the flood of warflow and cooperation is a must. So accordingly, three innovative systems are introduced with Elections bringing about premiers and ministry in charge of domestic and military decision-making, Legions allowing smaller-scaled groups to interact, and the Kingdom Warfare boasting massive and immense wars with nobody spared.

21 Heroes of Gaia

Literally understood by its name, Heroes of Gaia is a MMORPG which will probably not shun away from warfare and strategy. While delved into deeper, this game will unfold its multiple layers which can satisfy casual players with ease and flexibility and also meet the needs of hardcore gamers for challenging battles. Building castles, forging army and forming alliance are just the prelude for upcoming wars. Triumph favors the best strategists who are able to pinpoint the best action timings, recognize the tricks of rival enemies, and knows both sides well enough to aptly respond to the tide of wars.

22 Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima is a free browser game which assembles the three most compatible elements of city construction, real-time strategy and warfare. While starting from the lowest rung, players can choose to inhabit unclaimed cities or build new ones to settle down only if they are equal to specific predetermined premises in the game. And it is also up to players to decide whether they want to build castles in their cities; players possessing castles can plunder each other while players without castles are forbidden to raid other players’ cities but permitted to explore dungeons instead. And the ultimate goal of players is to win the title of Lord of Ultima.

23 Mythopolis

Mythopolis, a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG, will once again take players back into the ancient Greek land where the three nations of Troy, Athens and Sparta are involved in endless war. Players can take side at will in light with their personal favors to ally with civilized and democratic Athens, siege-proof and transport-effective Troy, or combative and physically skilled Sparta. Meanwhile, there are also installed Stadiums accessible in the game for players to fight with anyone in duels regardless allegiance and standpoints. Besides, there are also chances to fight together with summoned legendary heroes like Ulysses and Athena.

24 Nap War

Nap War, a free web game, will inundate players without doubt with its torrent of warflow and sophisticated city management system. With the basic city halls, players can set off constructing their future empire in full swings: to run resource fields for basic supplies, to build cottages to house peasants and troops, to recruit and entertain officers in public house and pleasure palace, to adjust tax rates and levy policies to gain more resources yet keep loyalty of the subjects, and to facilitate infrastructures and add more building like embassy, workshop, and university etc to keep cities function well and expand at the same time. Take note please: that is only the beginning. Wars are lurking behind waiting to prey.

25 War of 2012

Hardly had the stirring excitement aroused by the movie 2012 ceased when the game War of 2012 rekindled a new around of thrills. It is a free browser-based MMORPG with a doomsday setting echoing with the movie. Players will assume the role of heroes to lead survivors to seek for their own destiny on earth after the cataclysm of 2012. Players will recruit soldiers, win heroes and wisely designate suitable heroes to take charge of matching troops, so as to win out. Apart from the appropriately combined army, equipments like armors, boots, mounts as well as weapons and military alliance are also decisive in the triumph of a battle. Be a great commander and lead the army whose fate is at your mercy into glory.

26 Throne of Fire

Throne of Fire, developed by Snail Game, is a 2D browser-based MMORPG featuring terrific action and adventure elements. It is set in an unsettled medieval age when the awakening dragon with its power once again aggravates the conflict and war between good and evil. Players can take up the role of righteous heroes or otherwise act out as followers of Satan. Delving into the well-organized storyline, players can not only enjoy the ease of non-combat designs such as managing farm, crafting equipment and investigating intelligence, but also immerse into the intensified strategic combats.

27 World of Lordcraft

World of Lordcraft is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG. The game is set in background of a mystical, chaotic land where fighters ally with each other to claim larger territories for greater chance to survive. Starting as a figurehead, i.e. Lord of a city without army, the player will finally make a genuine leader of the territory out of himself/herself by down-to-earth diligence and remarkable talents. It is for sure that war and adventure will be on focus; and to that end this game will not disappoint players with its overall eleven regions with different geographic features ranging from forest, mountains, prairie and swamp to desert.

28, Senatry

If you did play Caesary for a while, you could possibly love Senatry that is exactly likened to it with Roman Empire Building. From its tutorial, to ingame alert sound, to battle replay system, all of them are programmed using the same resources.

29, Remanum

Love the most popular online City builder games? You might play a lot of them such as Travian, Grepolis, the West and many others. One of the upcoming game in 2011 is Remanum published by the Travian Team. Currently it is only available for German players.

30 World of Heroes

World of Heroes is a browser-based game which begins the closed beta in August 2011. After three day’s beta testing, the game is brought to the developers for further improvement.

31, Castlot

Castlot is an upcoming MMO that is hosted by Clapalong.

33, Operation Gamma 41

Like War 2 games? Operation Gamma 41 may be a best choice though it is made in China. The game has full support from German guys and even the localization has been performed without any flaw.

32, Shadowland Online

After ZQGame partnered with Just A Game to publish Operation Gamma 41, Shadowland Online is the second game that ZQGame has rolled out. The game does have a fantasy virtual world.

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