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Little Cave Hero

Little Cave Hero

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In the light yellowish green backdrop of grassland, there are cute doodle-like trees and bushes dotted at the periphery of the picture, tile-roofed little cottages, lantern-styled street lamb hung on the wooden pillar scattered about, and an entrance to an underground mine with a cart parking right in front of it and a little chubby figure standing beside with a shove in hand. Does that scene remind you of a certain game? Dig Dug, perhaps? No, it is Little Cave Hero.

Little Cave Hero developed by Chile-based Atakama Labs is a free-to-play 2D fantasy social mmo game with the cave exploration and mining theme. The in-game graphics reminiscent of classic arcade games make right footnotes for its casual style. The simplified sketches not only delight players’ eyes, but also banish complexity and set players prepared for their role of little cave heroes in this fantastic game world.

This game is set against a simple back story that a little town is devastated into ruins and rubbles by monsters and previous residents are drifted away to other places. Now the mayor is committed to rebuild the town above the debris, so he needs extra hands to explore underground mines so as to collect materials and treasures which will be used as starting capital for the restoration. This is where players settle in as recruited miners, who will take quests from the mayor, dig through underground blocks, fight against the lurking monsters standing in the way and seek to become the best miner. Yet if the whole game is just about monotonous digging and mining, then it will crumble under boredom soon.

Fortunately, Little Cave Hero has more to offer. When players start with taking quests from the mayor, the game starts with a tough of humor; that is to say, the quest dialog with the mayor is full of wits and quips, sometimes satires too, that are connected with the social game and beyond it at once. Then players venture into caves and begin their treasure-seeking journey. What players need to do is not merely mechanical digging, rather learning to make the best out of different mining environments. The cave is not static, but dynamic; it is subject to changes triggered by players’ acts. A cave will crumble if players happen to empty its supporting boulder, for example. With collected resources, players can decide to build various buildings such as an armory and a quarry which will in turn unlock and produce more advanced tools and items to facilitate mining.

Besides, players can also help each other to speed up the restoration of the town by visiting friends’ town and lending a hand. This game will definitely provide what it promises; and it starts with fun and ends with it as well.

Facebook site : http://www.facebook.com/littlecavehero

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  1. Atakama Labs says:

    Thanks for the review!

  2. i really whant to play it but it dosent work

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