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Little Empire

Little Empire

Release Date:  August 23, 2012
Publisher:  CAMEL GAMES
Developer:  CAMEL GAMES
Genre:  Strategy

You’ve played every RPG out there from start to finish. You’re tired of slogging through quests and slashing through monsters, and we bet you’re ready to try something different! Today, we’ve brought you an all-3D game that combines competitive, strategic, and developmental gameplay elements in one cohesive new online play experience for Android and iOS: Little Empire. Try it once, and you’ll immediately find yourself completely immersed in running your miniature domain. Let’s take a look at just some of the special features that make our game so fun and addicting:

Little Empire has been 2012’s dark horse of the online mobile games market, finding astounding success through the combination of many unique gameplay elements, such as raising a personal hero, exercising unit formation tactics, competing in Arena battles, and more. By recruiting units and raising their heroes, players will battle for rewards and experience not just against other players, but also in game tasks and a 10-chapter Adventure mode for a total of 263 unique levels awaiting your challenge!

Even more unique is the unit formation system which is also implemented in a browser game called Tynon. In Little Empire, you will encounter blue-skinned Trolls, white-robed Priests, ice-cold Mages, axe-wielding Wolf Riders, razor-sharp Iron Wheels, and more, totaling 12 unique unit types, each with its own relative strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are locked in combat with another player or taking on an Adventure challenge, your victory will depend on the careful coordination of your units!

Additionally, Little Empire lets you choose between three distinct heroes to lead your army: an iron-toothed orc Behemoth, a dual blade-wielding Berserker, and a soul-destroying Succubus. Your hero doesn’t just have higher health, attack, and defense stats than other units—it can also be equipped with weapons, armor, and special skills. Different heroes suit different formation strategies and, if used wisely, can greatly increase the effectiveness of your army.

Because of their different characteristics, each of the three heroes should be positioned differently on the battlefield. The Behemoth has high health and defense and was born to brave the frontline; the Berserker has moderate health and a high critical attack rate and does well on the second line; and the Succubus wields long-ranged attacks that deal damage from the rear. Especially in the endgame, players sometimes take to calling the heroes their “machine guns”—game-changing weapons that are not be underestimated! Your castle can hold only one hero, so choose wisely.

Little Empire is truly a game without precedent within the genre of mobile competition and strategy games. In addition to the features discussed above, players can also upgrade troops, catch each other as slaves, assist their friends with attack and defense, and more—all with a simple control scheme that will have you playing like a born despot in just minutes!

If you like what you see, hurry to Google Play or iTunes for your free download of Little Empire right now! Join a world of intense battle, fierce competition, and sumptuous 3D graphics. Your Little Empire awaits your command!

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