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Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Bubble Gum Interactive
Developer:  Bubble Gum Interactive
Genre:  Virtual World

Little Space Heroes is a fun virtual world for younger generation, especially kids under 12. It is published by Bubble Gum Interactive, a gaming company devoting itself to children’s games.


Little Space Heroes is developed by two former Walt Disney executives, so it won’t be hard for you to imagine the wonderful graphics. Characters and themes in this game remind me of cartoons I had watched in my childhood. For example, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, in which three sisters would show up and fight for justice whenever there is an evil deed.

You start at the crystal planet and experience a stylish galaxy life. Walking is not the only travel method, you are free to use your jetpack anywhere and anytime you like. You are also equipped with a bubble blaster, which could fire bubbles. If you aim at another player and shoot, the bubble would surround them and lift them up for a short while. That is really fun.

If you want to explore the space, just find the launching site and board your spaceship, then you would be free in universe. I have joined three basic activities: Space walk, in which you are required to find lost glows in a limited time; Asteroid field, where you fire at asteroids, crush them and collect hidden gems; And finally my favorite the 6-round Star jet racing. Beside these interesting little games, you could also land on other planets and enjoy the amazing landscapes.

I was a little pissed off when I entered the home decoration shop trying to buy some cool stuff with the coins I won in the game. Although all the goods are available to buy with coins, you need to earn a premium membership, which could be purchased to get. And more privileges will be got if you become a premium member: Being allowed to travel everywhere in the vast universe and explore where normal players couldn’t reach; Being able to customize your starships; Gaining access to the coolest pets in the universe and other unique contents.

The developers had claimed that they discovered young players of this game trying to be guides to new comers and doing other things in the aim of being popular. It is a game helping children to become unique individuals with an ideal lifestyle.

It is said that the game is already played worldwide in more than 80 countries and published in 8 languages, and 3 more is upcoming soon. All in all, Little Space Heroes is a fine game features comic characters and galaxy life simulation which are rather appealing. If you intend to join the big world of Little Space Heroes, I would recommend you to be a premium member in order to have a full experience of the game.

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    hi im trunks old boy im 7 years old can i get my member ship like stella for 3 months only pls thx

  3. Shimmer00 says:

    pls give me a free membership my name is shimmer so pls give me tnx

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