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Living Classics Review

Sara Lau
Aug 14,2012  12:08 by

Living Classics is a simple game attached with complicated strings, which ruins an otherwise relaxing and enjoyable experience.

You’ve got these story books, each with several pictures inspired by the stories. And in the pictures, you are to find out and click anything moving or glittering or changing. It may be the hair of a lady, a grass leaf, a cloud, a window, an insect, or a carpet. You’d better spot the items as quickly as you can and then click them. The sooner you find all objects, the higher scores you will get.

Each of the pictures, except the very first one in Alice in Wonderland, has to be unlocked. You have to reach the required levels and accumulate enough coins to do that. And that sometimes requires you to revisit previous pictures. But since the moving items are randomly selected each time you play the game, you don’t have to worry that you have to click on the same objects again and again and again, although as you solve the same picture many times, you might have to select the same objects occasionally.

Anyway, the game is nothing but difficult when the gameplay is concerned. However, you might still take a rather long time and spend some cash to play the game to the fullest. As you may imagine, since this is a Facebook game, energy system seems to be unavoidable. But to my dismay, in Living Classics, one can only obtain one energy point every ten minutes. Given the fact that you need to spend 6 energy points to solve any picture for once, you have to wait for an hour to start a new game if you have run out of the precious energy. But that is not finished yet. Every book consists of four pictures while three of them must be opened up with coins but the last one is a premium picture and is available to premium players only. That is not the same thing as superior weapons and armors that are obtainable only if you pay cash because that sort of thing only eases the difficulty of games instead of limiting your gaming experience no matter how good you are at the game, which happens to be exactly what Living Classics is doing.

The animation is very exquisite and is anything but a cheap gallery. But the limited access to pictures sours the whole experience and I actually wondered why the game was not pay-to-play in the first place.

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