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Lockdown Review

Sara Lau
May 8,2012  11:05 by

Lockdown is a jail-themed strategy game available on Facebook. However, it is not a commonly-seen jail-management genre pitting the players into the roles of jail wardens. In the game, you are new jail inmates and will have to learn how to survive as you fight your way through other prisoners in order to earn you respect and reputation. You can also team up with your friends to create your own notorious criminal empire.

Since Lockdown is not a creator-centric game, it cuts off the procedures in building construction. Your jail yard has already had all structures displayed there. So you just click on a building to simply access a building function from the pop-up menu. You can collect cash from each building, you can do various quests. Doing quests is easy and you actually don’t need to control over the progression of them. You simply select a desired quest from the list and click on “mission start” button, then it is done and you are immediately rewarded with experiences and other items.

The game also comes with an intricate item crafting system which enhances the depth of the experiences. Players can access this feature by clicking the “workshop” on the lower interface bar. Any item that can be crafted is actually composed of several individual components. Generally, these materials are acquired through doing various quests from different buildings. A very newbie-friendly setting here is that, if you do not have enough materials for a particular item, you just click on the portrait of that material and you will be automatically directed to the mission, which will drop this material by chance.

One of the most enjoyable things you can do in the game is to make moneys and earn reputations by attacking other inmates. Combats are presented in party-based and turn-based manner. Players are free to select their desired weapons from the backpack each time they want to perform an attack. It’s noted that the game comes with the “item durability” system, which means weapons will be gradually worn out after each use. Armor’s durability also decreases when character takes hit. You need to always check the remaining durability of your items and fix them using repair kits before you engage in the next battle, lest they should be destroyed during combats. I personally do not suggest you to try that, because crafting a new item is very costing and time wasting.

Once your character reaches level 10, you gain free skill points. These skills are broken down into 3 skill trees which can be accessed through a branch like icon at the left-top character status bar. Specializing in a tree grants access to unique abilities and greater benefits for those types of skills.

The biggest problem of the game is that it lacks any kind of story or character-driven events. Quests just revolve around either crafting certain items or crushing other gangs, making the game very repetitive. The game doesn’t provide any chances allowing players to deal with NPCs of different criminal titles, for example, drug sellers, killers, prostitutes and plenty of many others that should have been included in a crime-themed game.

So far, the game is enjoyable. The strategy part of the game is complex and various enough to attract strategy gamers. The weaker plotline of the game deteriorates the overall quality of the game.

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