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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  gamigo
Developer:  KONG
Genre:  Simulation

Among the numerous western style games, Loong has differentiated itself hugely from the competition by focusing on the unique Chinese totem, thus possessing full-bodied oriental characteristics and flavor. As a result, for most Chinese players, the mere title itself would evoke sufficient fascination and enthusiasm, let alone the elaborately designed plots and picturesque interfaces.

Loong is a free-to-play 3D MMO fantasy game developed and published by Da Yong China, which claims it to be a perfect combination of the image “Loong”—one of the essence of traditional Chinese cultural heritage, and the conventional martial arts chivalry. Dating back to time immemorial, you will be placed in a chaotic world when mighty Pangu had just created heaven and earth. Along with every delicate game picture, you will be enabled to recollect the pleasant flavor of the Chinese culture as well as to re-experience its lingering charm.

To begin with, as a cut-and-dried step, you should create your own character, deciding his or her name, appearance and outfit, etc. After your double click the mouse to enter the game field, eight kinds of interfaces will appear: character information, target information, mini-map (which helps to assure you your exact coordinates), chat box, shortcut bars, quest tracking, secondary target information and the menu, which indicates the entrances to the most important windows. Without doubt, the pre-eminence is to be given to the combats and quests. You launch a combat against your enemy with the appropriate weapon and strategy, and for a beginner, a debuff is highly recommended. Don’t forget to pick up the loots which are of great use for promotion after your opponents are defeated. By the way, more than fifty pets are available in this game, and sometimes the pets can help you collect the loots. On your first acquaintance with the pets, they may have mastered certain skills, and their power will surely be strengthened with the time passing by.

All in all, be ready for a large number of varied quests such as master quest, branch quest, event quest, etc. as they would bring you priceless experience and rewards which are beneficial to your upgrade.

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