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Lord of Ages

Lord of Ages

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  GameGon Inc.
Developer:  GameGon Inc.

Discord calls for lord. Chaotic and eventful, Medieval Age is dark as a black hole absorbing with irresistible forces countless heroic warlords into the turbulence and turmoil. Challenged by adversity, anyone can not but punch it back on the face. Given the humiliating yet slim chance to plead for mercy by kowtowing to fate, why not stand up against it to battle one’s way to become Lord of Ages, master of one’s own destiny.

Against the well-acknowledged background of the Dark Age, RacoonX Games Studio has developed a free-to-play, browser online game titled Lord of Ages, which infuses real-time strategy into genres of city construction and army simulation. Players in this game act as lords of ever-expanding empires, who ought to preside over all issues concerning the growth of their nations at political, economic and military levels from the domestic and diplomatic perspectives.

Starting from scratch, players need to take the empires-to-be to ascend from the lowest rung of the growth ladder. Resource is the pedestal of the superstructure, so its production and accumulation are where the whole futuristic empires start to fledge. Farm, sawmill, iron mine and quarry are the four basic fields to provide nations with food and materials. Except those that are consumed on daily basis, the surplus resource needs warehouse to store for future supply; and once requirements met, secret warehouses can be built to ensure the stocked not plundered during sieges. With abundant resource in inventory, players need to further consider the reasonable use of them in constructing compounds of buildings, which may include the necessary ones such as town halls to supervise, cottages to accommodate citizens, barracks to hold soldiers, and academies to conduct researches, etc as well as potential ones like rally spot to issue military orders, embassy to deal with diplomatic alliance, and expansion bureau to administrate unlocking more towns.

Once foundation is laid solid, lords of empires can shift their focus to military construction. Recruit soldiers and train them to different purposes. When taking their armies into battles, players as commanders should try to give full play to the advantage of each unit, such as the strong defensive ability of Pikemen, effective long-distance assault of Archers, as well as flexibility of both attack and defense of Cavalries and Cataphracts, etc. An integration of diversified units into functioning army will for sure cut an edge in battles. Besides, for more prestige, players can form or join alliance with each other through embassy, which will bring about rapider growth and more winning odds.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much will be asked.” Thusly, entrusted with an empire, you as the lord should not fail to honor it with glory.

Official website: http://www.lordofages.com/

Aeria Game Affliate Site: http://lordofages.aeriagames.com/

LeKool Games Affilate Site: http://loa.lekool.com/

Facebook App http://apps.facebook.com/lordofages/

Kongregate Page: http://www.kongregate.com/games/LordOfAges/lord-of-ages

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