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Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima

Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  EA
Genre:  Strategy

Set foot on the fantasy world Caledonia in the medieval ages as the leader of your own small village, carry out sudden attacks on the terrifying dungeons to gain resources and items for development’s sake, and expand the crude village into a prosperous capital! Certainly, much more can be achieved in the Lord of Ultima, a 2D free-to-play browser-based game mixing the features of MMO, RTS and RPG ingeniously together.


Developed by Electronic Arts, a notable international video game company, Lord of Ultima outshines other games of the genre with its unique features and will definitely offer you an exceptional gaming experience.

In the game, you start your adventure as the owner of a simple little village and strive to evolve it into a bustling capital city by collecting resources, namely, wood, stone, iron, and food; building new constructions like a cottage, warehouse, and so on; training your warriors and upgrading the town hall. As the guiding spirit of your realm, you should exhibit your remarkable versatility at overall planning and management, trade, diplomacy and even war. It sounds really challenging and exciting, doesn’t it? First of all, you design the layout of the land. But beware that the building placement really plays an essential role on your ultimate success. The right thing in the right place will test your intelligence and guarantee a substantial advantage in your future move. For instance, iron mines must be close to iron deposits, woodcutter’s huts must be adjacent to forests, farms yield best products if close to lakes. In a nutshell, the layout should make the best of the resources and push everything to its ultimate potential. Then concerning of the diplomacy affairs, you need to foster alliances with your neighboring cities to seek for mutual protection.

However, as the saying goes, there are no eternal friends, only eternal interests, so you’d better sharpen your eyes and caution against your allies in case of backstabbing. Of course, a faithful strong backup can be formed to your great aid. You just need the chance and examination. In Lord of Ultima, you can expand your village by means of settlement or conquest. Being a righteous defender or an ambitious conqueror is totally up to you. Don’t worry about being subjugated before you even get acquainted with the gameplay for you are granted seven days of protection period!

The social elements of Lord of Ultima are also worth mentioning. As each city has, to some extent, an impact on the other, millions of players around the world can enjoy a more intimate interaction.

5 Comments on Lord of Ultima


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  2. Mais novo Hacker,cheats lord of ultima http://goo.gl/G78TO

  3. Radiance says:

    The social aspects of the game are key, as winning happens when the whole alliance gets 8 level 10 "palaces," which are very expensive to build and require the contributions of all.
    It is a remarkable game, possibly even more interesting than Cosmic Supremacy. But you can buy advantages in Lord of Ultima, so its not just skill. You cannot buy any advantages in Cosmic Supremacy, so that game is pure skill–and luck.

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