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Lords & Colonies

Lords & Colonies

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  Gamoji

Lords & Colonies is a Facebook game where you select from the three races – human, orc, and elf – which excel at technological researches, strength and magical attacks respectively, and then choose the male or female character though few differences could be found between them.


And immediately from the get-go, I take the responsibility of a leader whose tribe has been attacked by the undead and then I am sent directly to the battlefield. The protagonist, however, only stands aside while the soldiers personally attend the battle. Winning the battle, I soon find the character fatigued and have to take the energy potion to go on.

Meeting the overseer and the battle master, you will learn how to manage workers, produce resources, train troops and devise battle strategies. Of course you must build Barracks, infirmary, houses, farms, sawmill, and other structures. One thing is worth mentioning: the sawmill and forge are built upon existing resources, or the forest and the ore.

At first, your character would level up every time you complete a mission. But after you reach level 5, the progression would not be that easy and that is exactly when the fun and worry starts. Upgrade buildings, construct new ones and train soldiers – every major action you take demands a large quantity of food and wood. So, just keep the all the sawmills and farms running around the clock.

You can dig gold in the river near your village but ensure you have enough soldiers as guards. They are the only hope to keep your gain when any enemy invades your village.

Sometimes a visit to the world map is necessary and you will attend battles against your enemy races. Do make sure that your soldiers outnumber your enemies or you will be defeated anyway. Researches in the library help improve your battle skills and strategies. But that very library costs 1000 food and hence you have lots of food to produce before you are actually in position to build it.

There is a Battle Field in your village where you are free to challenge players about your level. For each challenge, you consume one PVP ticket. You are granted with five of those tickets for free each day and if you are willing to have more challenges, you are going to pay.

The food, always in great demand, has to be produced all the time so that you could make progress once in a while. As a result, Lords and Colonies is not something that fixes you at the computer. You just feel obliged to keep coming back.

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