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Lords Online

Lords Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  IGG
Genre:  Fantasy

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus is punished by gods to push a boulder uphill, then see it rolling down, and start over again. Just as the boulder will always falling down the hill, peace is never immune to the challenge of warfare. Fortunately, heroes will, like the laborious Sisyphus, rise up to expectation to safeguard peace even at the cost of their lives. Now the once peaceful land of Mu, a continent nested in the depth of the ocean, is suffering the ravage of the ferocious war. A new lord will eventually stand out. Could it be you?

Lords Online is a free-to-play, browser-based game incorporating city building and army maneuvering elements from simulation genre with dungeon exploring and dragon slaying features from role-playing style, an integration which is clearly presented by the two available map modes in the game. In Lord Mode, players can enjoy the traditional kingdom management including building cities, expanding nations, and recruiting and training various units to match out the best army formation in battles; while in Hero Mode, players can cultivate heroes to venture into grand combats and risky adventures.

In the Lords Online, there are three types of character classes, listed as Human, Shaba and Alec. Whereas humans are weak in physical strength and mana skills, they make full use of their wisdom and intelligence to develop technology, helpful in forging powerful, advanced army; the Alec are clusters of Mages gifted with magical knowledge and skills; and the Shaba are born formidable warriors worshipping bravery and glory. Each of these three classes also branches out ten military divisions of its own, which allow players to immerse in the endless list of multiple strategies of great variety.

Seeking for adventure, players can wonder around different locations on the map, such as Lair, Purgatory as well Oasis. Monsters lurking in these places are of different levels as well. For instance, monsters scattered in Lairs close to castles are generally at low levels; while those in Purgatories are usually rated to the level of the corresponding purgatories, with Boss monsters more powerful and more difficult to defeat.

Players in Lords Online can engage in different activities, ranging from building one’s own country and plundering others’ kingdoms to combating with monsters or other players. In addition, players may also have chances to try newly-introduced features at special occasions like Christmas and Halloween.

Official website: http://lo.igg.com/

Aeria Games co-publishing Site http://lordsonline.aeriagames.com/

Facebook App Site http://apps.facebook.com/lordsonline/

EU Server: http://lo.gamersoxygen.com/en/lordsonline/index.html

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