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Lost of Legend (Legends Lost)

Lost of Legend (Legends Lost)

Release Date:  May 10, 2012
Publisher:  WSgame
Developer:  WSgame
Genre:  MMORPG

Lost of Legend (Now Legends Lost) is a browser-based real-time MMORPG by Wondershare Games, which publishes Call of Gods and Soul of Guardian. In contrast with Soul of Guardian, which features mercilessly smashing monsters in perilous dungeons that may largely excite and satisfy casual players, Lost of Legend creates a surreal and unimaginable world where intensive and competitive quests are provided for hardcore players.


The core gameplay consists of completing quests, slaying monsters, hunting for treasure and raising pet and mount. Players will gain experience points based on level-up and monster hunting. Some low quality armor and weapons can be collected through drops or loots from defeated monsters and bosses while most of powerful gears can only be purchased from shop ingame.

In Lost of Legend, players are able to learn Magic or Skills that are used to launch magical attack opponents. There are 8 types of Magic, each with stunning visual effects and unique attacking attributes.

Three Classes:

Warrior – Very high strength and defense, Warriors are the rulers of melee combat. A powerful warrior is capable of killing a ranged class in one shot and their skills are simple for newbie to learn. Critical Strike: Blade Flurry + Blade Flurry + Swordplay.

Mage is highly skilled at fancy magic. They target at the weakness of enemies and are able to deal continual magic damage on massive enemies. It is recommended that mages keep a distance with their enemies to avoid melee combat. Critical Strike: Rune of Fire + Fire Wall + Mana Shield +Swordplay.

Priests have plenty of assistant skills. They can use Heal, Magic Attack and Poison to assist their teammages, or summon powerful pets to combat together. As an indispensable member, Priest’s assistant skills can be the key for a major combat strength upgrade for the team. Critical Strike: Poison + Soul Blade + Holy Beast.


Legends Lost is the second browser-based MMORPG developed by China-based Wondershare Games in the wake of Soul of Guardian, which was unveiled early this year. The game features the same 2.5D isometric graphics with real-time combat. So if you have ever played Soul of Guardian, then you would probably know what you will experience in this game. To be honest, games of this kind can never spark my interest again due to the fact that US market has been overloaded with too many China-branded mediocre MMOs.

With male and female options on four different types of classes, the limited choice of characters to choose from is far less than satisfactory. The game visuals do not bother me, it features the same art style of Soul of Guardian: decent enough by the standard of a browser MMO. Character size in this game is much smaller than that in Soul of Guardian, so the cosmetic details of player characters are not very clear. You still get totally lost when you stand among clustering other players and monsters with their names overlapping each other. Everything still seems quite static, mobs disappearing only for a few seconds once defeated and respawn in exactly the same location.

As a story-driven MMORPG, the game provides tons of dialogues and messages that any newbie are obliged to read through. But thanks to their lousy localization, I did not force myself to read them for too long.

The game also comes with an auto-navigation system that walks you through so fast, and you don’t actually need to do much. You just ignore what is being informed to you and your character starts walking towards the goal itself. You later check it back and find that everything has been just done well for you. Most quests will guide you to other places, which means you will have to switch between scenarios. Maybe due to the complexity of drawing details of maps, they usually cannot complete load fast enough: you may either find blank patches dotted on the map or the same black figures for any player characters, NPCs or mobs that have yet to be completely loaded; there are also times when my character does not respond to my clicks. Those annoying things happen frequently, although I have high speed internet connectivity.

But Lost of Legend’s problems are not just restricted to server delay. The combat controls are also very awkward. Projectile magic spells will not automatically follow the locked enemy; you must manually aim your target by hovering the cursor over it. Sometimes my character even does not act accordingly to my command: projectile magic spells do not fly towards the target no matter how I aim; sometimes it follows the right path, but it just penetrate through and doesn’t explode upon hitting the target. Moreover, there is a bigger problem lying in skill balance. In this game, all magic spells have the same cool down and even a more powerful AOE spell actually does not cost much more mana than an initial single target magic. So combats turn out to be very boring by just spamming your most powerful AOE, without the fun to work out different skill combos.

Another thing I want to introduce is that you can cultivate the internal life energy to get permanent maximum HP boost. Life energy training covers different stages. Players need to reach a certain level and gather corresponding items required by each stage. Sounds pretty creative, huh? Yes, but it is also sort of annoying. You will experience real pain from getting those pesky rare items.

If you are tired of other MMOs such as Odin Quest or Mythic Saga, in which you fight monsters, then look no further than Legends Lost. You won’t need to actually play the same game again. But I should reiterate that Lost of Legend is not in itself a terrible game. Visuals look good, and playable content is as rich as a client-based game. The badly written story and careless translation are also the same problems found in Soul of Guardian. You can just skip these dialogues, but moving through without any interaction is just a bit frustrating. For someone that has less time but is eager to win, it is a nice choice to them, because things in the game moving forward so fast without taking much effort – gaining new levels or winning in-game achievements. But I just feel no sense of achievement for all these things I have done. Anyhow, it depends.

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  1. peu48 says:

    e masa

  2. TasteUrBlood says:

    Looking forwa toplaying thisgame

  3. koko says:

    Stay away, this game is copy SOUL OF GUARDIAN but worse then that.

  4. sean says:

    give them a break, isn't it too soon to post a detail review like this, as far as i am aware, they are still doing the closed beta test. post some bug reports here isn't helping anything but misleading the community, lmao

  5. nax says:

    it looks like legend of mir 3 ; >

  6. aseok says:

    i have a account in lol

  7. Kayla Del says:

    its gone guys its never gonna come back anymore so yah we're gonna start shedding tears for this game *wails* 🙁 T.T

  8. Synjyn says:

    I wish they would bring it back. I have not been able to find another game like it. By the way Soul of Guardian, the other wsgame they sent us to…….SUCKS! BRING BACK LOL

  9. Storme says:

    I wish that they would bring back this game, it was fun, they have a Server 3, but it is Dutch. I can't remember it though. 😛 Korie told me the name i think.

  10. Zhaira says:

    It sucks i had an account there and i spend some money on it 🙁

  11. Catastrophe says:

    … i'm looking back into these lost memories. Hmm. I have every powerful classes rofl, gimme those chars back.

  12. Synjyn says:

    I agree Cata…I miss those times. BRING IT BACK!!

  13. Patchy says:

    duuuude. Hi Cata xD just decided to see if maybe there was anything on a forum about LOL and I actually found some people I knew. Kinda sad that it's so hard to find the right page when It was such a good game. Memories :O anyway if anybody comes back to check it out I guess they'll find this which is pretty cool.
    Patch also known as rainys, in case you don't recognize me and I sound like a complete weirdo. Meh

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