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Lost of Legend Preview

Sara Lau
Apr 28,2012  08:04 by

If anyone is to make a list of games that result to fast sleep, Lost of Legend is definitely among the top ones.

The same cliché about the upgrade system and quest system in many Chinese and Korean MMORPGs like Soul of Guardian, or War of the Immortals can be discovered here. After a few clicking, I caught a glimpse of the character profile and was suddenly aware I was already level 9. Fulfill a quest, have a conversation with the NPC, and you will achieve one or more new levels. Upgrades of characters are of course realized by accumulating the experience points, which are proved to be required and offered in bulks. Progression from 40 to 41, for example, requires 18 million experience points while many quests offer rewards of two or three million points.

Actually, you don’t have to worry about the upgrade and experience accumulation as much as the management of your backpack. As I progressed, tips warning that I didn’t have enough vacant slots in the bag constantly popped up. If I ignored that, I wouldn’t be able to claim rewards and proceed. So I frequently update the equipments on my character while deserting the old weapons and clothes (in many cases I have no choice but to abandon items since they cannot be sold).

It is very difficult to die in Lost of Legend. Although I have fewer than 200 HPs while most the enemies have over 1000, that doesn’t change the fact that I can sweep them all-it’s just a matter of time. The HPs recover themselves when few are left and my character never dies. I went all the way to level 40 without a single death. It’s just not challenging, and therefore not interesting.

Even the instance quests are not difficult at all. Each instance tasks players with killing a certain boss monster in a courtyard (by the way, every instance quest is set in this same yard, and the only difference is the monsters). One has to kill all the subordinate monsters just to encounter the boss. Don’t relax yourself if you have succeeded in clearing all the bats, horses, or warriors showing up in the yard because there will be another wave of them. It is my suggestion that you move your character to a corner to avoid attacks from all directions and you’d better target one monster at a time till its death or you will always receive the same amount of damage as long as the number of monsters surrounding you doesn’t drop. Upon killing all of them, you will come across the boss monsters, which come in bigger size but turn out to be no more powerful than their subordinates. There was this emperor boss who I would rather believe he was dancing than fighting against me.

[nggallery id=421]

The graphics are far from fluent. My character stumbles many times. And the pictures need time to be displayed clear and characters sometimes are in the form of a shadow until by the end of my battle against them. The so-called special mount system, acclaimed to be the highlight of this game, doesn’t feel special at all. There are even Chinese characters appearing now and then in the system notifications.

Disconnections happen a lot and I had to switch between different networks and browsers. One thing that surprised me so much was that when I attempted to log in using a browser different from the one with which I started this game, I was told to create a new character-well, obviously, all my gaming record was missing if I used a different browser.

Many games available in recent years are good themselves but can easily lose their attraction when compared with similar games or truly original ones. Lost of legend, however, sucks anyway whether or not you do the contrast.

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  1. shekinah vergara says:

    can i download this game for free?

  2. jonathan velasco says:

    can i download this game for free to.

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