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Lucky Battle

Lucky Battle

Release Date:  September 17, 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  KOD Games
Genre:  PVP, Fighting

Lucky Battle is an online fighting game in which you challenge your friends or opponents using skill weapons in various scenarios and dungeons.


6Waves switched its role from developer to publisher earlier this year with several new licensed social games (Astro Garden, Airport City) rolling out for Facebook. They neither prove that business could be a big success, nor show a potential with recently released games like Rooms of Memory and CloudStone. But that doest not hinder the progress of their efforts to publish games for iOS. The newly released iOS title Lucky Battle dazzled me with neatly bright visuals, and simple controls.

The core traits of Lucky Battle consist of character customizations, special skill effects, and the scenario as a whole. Most notably of all, the skill effects are warmly embraced. Different weapons could cast different skills, which differ depending on skill’s level.  Weapons, if fused, could deal more damage to opponents.

Battle system is over-simplified. I initially touch the screen to attack, and the target seems to be defeated. But when I play a few battles, only to find all battle results cannot be determined by your fingers once entering the battle scene. In between, you can only collect Coins as you watch the battle animations. Alternatively, you can simply skip the battle and directly see the battle results at the cost of collecting nothing.

Battle against foes also requires Battle Points, which refills one point every 30 minutes. It is just a pointless setup for players and an important source for 6Waves to get players to buy Gold.

Lucky Battle also has a level-up system that allows players to earn XP during battle to level up their character. Upon a new level-up, they could get their battle points refill full. There is also a Job mechanic. It is designed mostly for level up because doing a job just means to get new XP and Coin.

Overall, the game is visually a feast for the eyes. If a controllable battle is added, the game will be much more satisfying and fun.

The dungeon will be unlocked when you reach level 10 and we will test it later along with the weapon fusion.

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  1. TNguyen86 says:

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    This game takes time to play. The battle points take quite a bit of time to replenish in order to move on in your levels. The best method is to do the jobs under quests to level as quick as possible. If you want strong weapons, you can be very lucky and score epic and rare weapons from shuffles. However, you must use fusion in your weapons to gain the advantage. Only use fusion on the weapons that will be worth it to keep in the long run, or until you hit the next 10 levels. Skills such as sheep attack or frozen are good skills to consider when keeping a weapon.

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