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Lucky Cruise

Lucky Cruise

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  WMS Gaming
Genre:  Slot

Although a great number of social games are in full swing, one genre that remains entertaining minor groups is Casino game. Nowadays, online slot casino games are no longer uncommon on Facebook, and developer Large Animal Games is adding that collection with its new title, “Lucky Cruise”, which is a simple slots game with its core play-mechanism. Also, the game plays cleanly but with its good simulation of real deal, even a real slot machine player is not able to resist the lure of the harmless entertainment.


In this game, you, as a lotto gamer who claimed over the first prize and is granted the lifetime luxurious cruise around the world. And today, the HMS Lucky Cruise will depart on her maiden voyage. Moreover, the Lucky Cruise is like no other fuel-driven on the sea, she is powered by “luck”. So you are responsible for generating and collecting “luck” that Her Majesty need to move. After you launching the game for the first game, you will be granted some hundreds of “chips” for your first time play. The “luck” gauge situated in the upper part indicates how much more “Luck” you will be need to reach your destination. Basically, you collect “Luck” by playing “arcade game machines”. Lucky Cruise is not the traditional three-reel and single-row slot machine. It is much like other video slots games in which you spin five reels and multiple bet lines. For those who are still not familiar with the rule of slot casino, a set of identical icons should be in line with a specific route (line) to win. Like its predecessors, if you can make several lines in single play, you get more bonus. Here in Lucky Cruise you can make 20 lines.

So a 20-line slot casino game can offer more chances to win, these lines could go straightly or diagonally across, and others are zigzag. Players can select a specific line to bet on or max out your bets so that you can win credits as long as the icon combination can match any of those 20 lines. Depending on the icon type and icon count, you will be awarded with different amount of “chips”. Furthermore, if some special icons line up with lines, some extra effects will be triggered, such as free-spin bonus. No matter whether you win or not, each round of play gives you 1 “Luck”, your first objective requires 75 “Luck”, so just pay attention to the “Luck” gauge, when it fills completely, you can temporarily quit the game and move on to the next stage. As you collected all the “Luck” required for the ship to continue its journey to the destination, there are mini-games that reward you with lucky charms, which aid players when they are in tight circumstance. For example, the “single anchor” enables you to lock one reel and re-spin the other four. By adding this gaming mechanism, more strategic dimension is added in gameplay, since these items are very rare, you need to learn how to use them effectively to improve your income. Additionally, if you manage to win this round after using any types of charms, “Emeralds” will be earned for unlocking more slot games and exotic destinations.

If you ever run out of credits, you can always purchase them in shop for real world money, or you can just wait for another couple of hours for bonus. Besides “Luck”, each spin of the slots also earns you a small amount of experiences towards next level so that the bonus “chips” you earn every four hours will be increased.

Put all these things aside, the only biggest problem of this game is that , although the producer has tried every hard to mix a few new things into the gameplay, but it cannot break up the repetition of merely pressing the “start to pin” button. On the other hand, if you are just looking for some online gambling games that immerse yourself into mindless clicks, it leaves you a good option.

6 Comments on Lucky Cruise


  1. Sunette du Plessis says:

    I am playing lucky cruise om FB it loads well, I can send + receive gifts but then it goes ashore in Marseilles and get stuck. I’ve tried to click on play but nothinh help. Have not been able to play 4 +- 2 weeks now. Have gone on the forum site to ask for help getting me out of that mode but nobody helps me. Can u help please.

  2. Lisa says:

    Your review says "if you ever run out of credits". I promise if you are playing Lucky Cruise you will run out of credits a lot!

  3. Dale says:

    This is the stingest game on facebook or the internet. The only thing you can win lots of are the Emeralds, which are worthless. Their only use is to buy a new slot machine, but you have to have chips to play the slot machines and they eat them up and not pay out.
    They give you free chips daily, but guess what, the little sign comes up and says you earned —chips but it never credits the chips to you. Posted numerous times on their vanilla forum, but that doesnt help either.

  4. phyllis Vogt says:

    I just bought the new game Emerald Eyes twice spending 7000 emeralds each time. The game subtracted my emeralds each time but the game did not download. I am out 14000 emeralds and still no game. Please refund my emeralds. Thank you

  5. anna says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy note tablet. I have downloaded flash. Lucky cruise loads but will not run. Help!

  6. Mommy says:

    It does not load at all, whatsoever. I contacted the developer days ago, and still havent heard from them!

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