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Lucky Space

Lucky Space

Release Date:  2011/09
Publisher:  A Bit Lucky
Developer:  A Bit Lucky
Genre:  Space Building

Lucky Space is a sci-fi city-building game from “A Bit Lucky” in which you call your friends together to explore the vast asteroid in search of Crystium, the rarest element with great power in the galaxy. The game is currently only available on Facebook, and perhaps, it will soon be playable on Google plus, the new social network from Google.

Land your ship on a planet and claim it as your colony. Sci-fi styled Lucky Space creates a universe for you to build up a prosperous colony (like a space station) which was ruined by a drop ship. Lucky Space  is very similar to War Commander, EdgeWorld and Global Warfare.


Mission starts the moment you enter the first interface, which displays your drop ship located in the center of a small patch of land (whose color is relatively light compared with the surrounding blackness indicating unexplored areas). Your first quest is to explore three tiles to find an old Food Fabricator so as to feed your colonists, which activates the in-depth build system of the game.

Lucky Space does a really good job in its build part, for it manages to coat the typically static city-building mechanics with a sense of dynamic. Not only can you see the movement of certain builds, such as the Mining Rig to dig ores and A-113 Missile Turret to scan around against potential menace, you can also sense the on-going process of the static constructions through the vibrating icons above them, such as the coin above Space ATM and the box above Food Fabricator. Besides, all completed projects generate XP, coin or energy whose icons will pop up constantly, another design vivifying the whole screen.

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Just following the emerging quests one after another, you can gradually build up a colony that has all kinds of facilities serving in different aspects covering Food, Coin, Ore, Energy, Colonist, Crystium and Research. Although simple click is all needed in operation, the saving grace lies in its engaging quest contents, which are rich in detailed and diversified activities, such as clearing rocks to pave way for further expansion, setting up Energy Conduits to connect new builds to the drop ship (which is fuel source), and upgrading a Mining Rig by equipping it with a better Drill Bit, etc. Moreover, you can always move any build to relocate it in more favorable place, if you want to change the layout of your colony.

Polished as it is, the build system is not perfect, with two conspicuous flies in the ointment. One is the constant requirement of clicking on all builds to Stock them. Unlike other city-building simulations that even provide persistent resource production offline, Lucky Space pushes too hard to ask players to continuously stay online (to click the build when a Needed icon appears on top), otherwise the whole game just comes to a halt. And the other that needs improving is the excessive edges gained by money. Just take Energy for instance. Energy runs out quickly, since every activity consumes it. Although you can construct relevant buildings like Capacitor Silos and Fusion Generators to improve the max storage or yields of it, you invariably need to spend Facebook credits unlocking them; if not, you can only wait for the slow automatic refill.

With the build system at the core, Lucky Space also includes other interesting setups, one of which is the social element that involves the request for friends’ help when you are in plight like the commonest lack of energy as well as interaction with NPC friends by way of fulfilling the tasks listed in their Wishlist. Also, excluding any military play, it does add in a different kind of interlude about erecting varied defensive builds to detect the occasional menace from falling meteors.

Lucky Space rolls out a simple storyline around colony-build, yet succeeds in fulfilling it with engaging sub-plots at length. Despite the blemishes in it, Lucky Space is worth probing into.


The planet is in danger because meteors strike the buildings from time to time. You should undertake the responsibility of protecting the planet and resisting the attack from falling disasters.

Your first job is to explore the planet covered by shady fog in search of EXP., coins, energies, collections and building components. By removing the obstacles, you should spare a vacant place to build various space devices on the ground, like ATM, food fabricator and mining rig, all of which can automatically produce coins, foods and ores. With such resources, you can expand your planet into a prosperous space metropolis. In the meantime, you can customize the space devices by equipping the components which can be used to add resource bonuses. For instance, Comm. Array will increase the experience while heat sink will reduce the stock cost. In the progress of development, you have to consume your energies to complete either the exploration or the construction.

As a social game, Lucky Space puts emphasis on the interaction between you and your friends with various activities. When you are short of energies, you can ask friends for sending you energy packs. When you construct the colonist buildings like missile turret, you can recruit friends as space companions for the missiles can be launched to crush the meteors by combining the power of both sides. Moreover, when you find unidentified components during the exploration, you can send a request to your friends who can help check the items in the labs.

Lucky Space provides a simple interface which briefly mixes texts, graphics and animations, so much so that you can easily find out the quests and catalogs even if you play the game for the first time. The developer claims that Lucky Space is made for hardcore players, but it really seizes the causal gamers with the features of city building and treasure hunting.

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  1. Ronald Lamont says:

    I want to start anew

  2. Ronald Lamont says:

    How do you start over?

  3. Allen says:

    Add me as a friend to be a colonist!

  4. Mark says:

    because when you play on different computers (work and home) the points are not counted?

  5. chris says:

    my lucky space app is out of sync and i cant play. how do i fix?

  6. sharlene says:

    can i get more land? ive explored all of my land. so now i cant get drill bits and storage conainers and all that stuff u got while explorering:(

  7. shawn says:

    add me

  8. peter dickinson says:

    What ever happend to Lucky Space

  9. Kris says:

    A Bit Lucky development was bought by Zynga and it wont be Zynga if they not gona take down all their games and possibly remake them in money driving games.

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