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Luna Online

Luna Online

Release Date:  2009
Developer:  Gala-Net, Inc.
Genre:  Fantasy

After a laborious mind-wrestling of a whole day, one would probably like to stretch the bent nerve and divert oneself into some simple small online games that have nothing to do with tension, pressure and hard thinking. If you think right this way, Luna Online will definitely be your first choice.

Made by Korean EYA Interactive, Luna Online is an anime-inspired MMORPG which is characterized with exquisite, adorable cartoon-styled characters and a fantasy background brimming with bright colors. At the first glance, players can assume the style of this game as lighthearted and relaxing tinged with intoxicating warmth and refreshment.

This game lays emphasis on the interaction and communication among players. Its social network includes three systems listed as Friendship, Family and Guild, with the family system as the core. Luna Online materializes the concept similar to reality that family is the most stable and harmonious unit in society. In Luna Online, a system is designed to help players find their “another better half” after players set up their favors. When matching roles come nearby, a red heart will appear above players’ avatars to remind of the matching possibility; then players can get the clue and apply for dating with suitable companions. Once made a couple, players can keep each other’s company to explore dungeons, fight monsters and finish quests together. Besides, a couple may expand their family to five members at most; and families can get the exclusive entitlement to run a farm. All family members are gathered based on no subtle interest-related relations but rather on pure friendship; therefore, family members do not wage wars against each other or expel any member out by force.

In the comfortable and lighthearted ambience, players can also engage in some simple and light adventures like dungeon exploration and modest fighting competitions. Luna Online offers four occupation classes, namely the warrior, mega and assassin. Each has a special occupation switching system, which offers more varieties from the low level to higher ones. Also there is a complicated item crafting system including synthesizing, enhancing, enchanting and dissembling to diversify avatars’ equipment so as to make the combats more enjoyable.

Besides what mentioned above, there are also other entertaining systems, such as Pets, Lottery, Awards, PK, Dating, Fishing, Cooking, Mounts and Fairground and so on. Featured with different funs, all the systems on the whole serve one common purpose, that is, to entertain.

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  1. jeffrey says:

    doesnt look that bad. good job.

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