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Luvinia Online

Luvinia Online

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  OutSpark
Developer:  Shanda Games
Genre:  MMORPG

Luvinia Online (Chinese: 星尘传说) is a free to play MMORPG that is developed by Chinese folks associated with Simo Tech (星漫科技), a subsidiary of Shanda Games, which also publishes the Chinese version of Luvinia Online.

In June 10, 2010, OutSpark reached a deal with Shanghai-based Shanda Games to bring this Chinese free MMORPG to North America. After that, OutSpark has been closely working with Shanda Games to translate the game into English.
After a flat year’s translation and adjustment work, OutSpark announced the first closed beta in In July 8, 2011. However, the closed beta version of Luvinia Online offers a limited edition with level 69 Cap, and three class archetypes.


It seems that the market has currently been flooded with a plethora of free-to-play games. Though we are all fond of this kind of abundance, heavy emphasis must be paid to the quality of those titles. Luvinia Online, a new F2P 3D MMORPG by a China-based developer, has just entered the closed beta. Of course, a series of questions pop up about the game. And our most urgent concern is how this game distinguishes itself from a constellation of Asian MMORPGs?

We will probe into this upcoming game and analyze its prospects in the following testing review. And we try to avoid a subjective judgment, for instance, Luvinia Online manages to drown in all cliché of the genre from beginning to end. Instead, our way of assessment is quite simple. We don’t let all the bad images related to free-to-play titles tarnish our judgment; on the contrary, we evaluate all the details of the game so as to give an objective estimation.

I am disappointed by a complete lack of script and a poor background setting. And I personally believe the game storyline is originally composed for Chinese gamers, for the guys at Outspark apparently did not know how to convey a Chinese story to western gamers. That is why a short story is out there.

A great war once decimated the fantasy land of Luvinia. As the winner of the cutthroat war, mankind makes countless enemies. Now hordes of races are swarming into the shattered land again, trying to establish a new world order by force. Here is where you come into play.

Anyway, you have to create a character first of all, which takes less than five seconds. The customization options include a few pairs of eyes, three hair colors and four different sections. Clearly, those are sufficient enough to create an acceptable avatar. But this limitation will eventually lead to some consanguineous marriages in the following adventures if you know what I mean. And the fact that you can choose the gender of your character makes it more difficult to identify your allies at first glance. Then, you can select one of six factions which are divided into two nations. And I really think there is no need to elaborate on this part further because it conforms to the universal pattern of a MMO.

After everything is settled, you can start the game with the aid of a NPC who will briefly explain what you should do in preparation for the upcoming adventures. The next few hours will be a little bit miserable because you will be easily overwhelmed by the demanding missions. If you are afraid of monster-bashing and redundant quests, then welcome to the Hell! While many F2P games manage to bring about an original universe, an addictive gameplay or some new ideas, Luvinia Online offers nothing worth recommending. Go to point A, talk to a NPC, go to point B, kill monsters, pick flowers, talk to another NPC, and then try again! The preliminary quests cannot be more redundant and boring. What’s worse, not a single quest succeeds in standing out from the rest and giving you a favorable impression. On the contrary, all missions follow a linear and repetitive path that can virtually envelops you in the arms of Morpheus.

Having completed the first ten levels of discovery and vagrancy, you can choose from a bewildering array of three different classes, each of which is further divided into two new classes. And apparently, the surplus ones are intended for future updates. When we take the monotony of the first section into consideration, this enrichment certainly counts as a delightful surprise.

When it comes to combat, Luvinia Online still abides by the most banal mode of hack-and-slash. To be specific, you click on a monster and press shortcut keys until the target beast dies. And if you assume the role of a mage, you will probably pay more attention to all-round control.

And I would like to compare Luvinia Online to a jolly fellow who overwhelms others with gifts of all kinds to the point that we will end up with hundreds of unsolicited potions and other gifts in hand. Don’t you think it is awesome? Most importantly, that pile of items will guarantee that you can easily overcome challenges during the first 30 hours of play.

Since there is nothing frightening to discourage us from continuing our quests in the game, we can stick to it to see what awaits us in the long run. Not surprisingly, you will have the opportunity to take a job as an alchemist or a herbalist. But to be honest, there is nothing out of the ordinary because all you need to do is click on a flower in the middle of nowhere so as to collect all the necessary items. This kind of feature is typical of most free-to-play games, so Luvinia Online is not to blame for it.

Starting from level 40, you will be able to join in a guild and participate in PvP battles. But we just lingered in that part for a short time because of the limited number of high-level players. Some special events will occur from time to time, trying to get us out of the daily grind, to no avail. To my mind, the worst thing of the game is that your actions have no impact on the evolution of your character. Consequently, there is no chance for us to differentiate ourselves from our neighbors in terms of skills and stats.

One of the most annoying features of low-grade free-to-play games is  probably the omnipresence of the item shops. As you can imagine, the developer of Luvinia Online decides to wallow happily in this lucrative stereotype by offering all kinds of premium upgrades. With a credit card, you can not only gain a clear advantage over those unpaid payers, but also save tons of your precious time.

In conclusion, we see no proof of originality in Luvinia Online, and it suffers from all the typical blemishes that exist in current free MMORPGs. Additionally, the camera can not be placed at ground level, which prevents you from seeing things other than what’s around your feet. So our suggestion is that it is pointless to explore further in the world of Luvinia.


Being kawaii is not everything we ask for from a fantasy game. A successful fantasy game must also provide a consistent universe. Sadly, Luvinia Online simply offers us empty and flat areas that have no link among them. And it also provides nothing artistically and technically appealing.


The skills are all alike and are used in the same way, and there is no pleasure or fulfillment to customize our character. Besides, there is also no variety in the quests either, unless you see a big difference between killing 80 surly white-tailed rabbits and slay 60 hungry wolves in the mountains.


During the whole course of the adventure, we are provided with only a handful of choices. And the content is devoid of diversity and attraction. Of course, you can kill monsters to infinity, but the lack of interest weighs heavily on the game’s balance.


The music tends to be ignored when we assess a game. In Luvinia Online, you will hear some NPCs speak to you. The quality of dubbing almost makes us regret that the game is entirely based on text.


Generally speaking, the anime-style graphics is pleasing to the eye. The fantasy world is colorful and bright. Some realms are really breathtaking with verdant grass, towering trees, and cozy abodes. But we still don’t see anything refreshing in this regard.


Judging from the above evaluation, Luvinia Online is just one of the mediocre free-to-play MMOs with nothing innovative to offer. The gameplay is flat and empty; item shops can be seen everywhere; the quests are grinding and repetitive. It seems that the developer had no intention to propose even a single original idea while creating this title. All in all, we feel that this game does not deserve your attention even though it is free.


1, Graphically, Luvinia Online does not offer a solid stunning, and magnificent environment although each landscape consists of a variety of buildings, creatures and decorations. Perhaps, It is just  my impression on the game’s visuals.

2, Gameplay: When I was working on a game company, I would compare a game to another, hoping to find something different and amazing. However, I cannot find many innovative part in Luvinia. Even when you enter the game, you will be brought into the most grinding part – Do Mission -. The mission is not hardcore player friendly, but gave me a slow-paced clickaway. Boring and tedious! It reminds of Phoenix Dynasty Online where players encounter the Bunnies!

3, World, Value, Presentation: If a virtual world is big enough to accommodate everything, It cannot still accommodate all people of all times. But Luvinia brings Military government into a slightly carefree, yet entertaining world, which makes me feel confused.  Actually, the empire – Moon, Wind, Sea – does not have any relation with what the game title or real gaming offers.

4, Skill System: Free to play MMORPG does not means that you can play it for free under any condition. That is why there is a skill tree, where skills – good, bad, amazing – determine victory, monster drop,  and even glory. If you begin to do reasearch on the skill system, congratulations! You are about to spend your money on it!

5, Equipment, the same as above.

6, I am still playing this game.

For those who do not know OutSpark, we just found some facts:

OutSpark is a game company that is dedicated to publishing Asian Free to play MMORPGs and currently it has added 7 free MMORPGs including Fiesta, Divine Souls, Fists of Fu and Solstice Reborn.

OutSpark also launched a browser game platform that allows third-party developers to host their games on OurSpark’s Flint Platform. Currently it has connected with 3 Browser games: Lord of Ages, 7 Dragons and Heroic Reign: Army of Legends.

System Requirement:

2 Comments on Luvinia Online


  1. Arthek says:

    1 hour is nothing for a review, idiot

  2. luvinia maniac says:

    Luvinia is an amazing game…. beyond just quests and adventures, there is social gatherings and groupings. I like corresponding with my family in Luvinia and we flock together against other families. It's awesome! It's not so scary like WOW and its scary monsters..it's more light entertaining fun! I heard it's coming back as luviniaworld.com I can't wait to play it! I missed it so much.

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