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Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Feng Investment LTD
Developer:  Feng Investment LTD
Genre:  strategy

The inhabitants in the planet Reincarnation used to lead a carefree and peaceful life until ninety years ago Amethyst appeared casting a great shadow on the land and the populace below. Turmoil was stirred up. Tranquility was broken. The history of this land could be altered at every turn. The magical kingdom of Maegica and the new era called for a hero, a savor who could conquer Amethyst. The legendary of King Arthur and his knights could be rewritten by you. Come and crack down on the enemies.

Maegica is a newly-designed browser game currently in its final stages of development which combines elements of both the strategy and role-playing genres and centers on city and resource management together with real-time strategy. In this game, every player is entitled to a city to his own name, and responsible for sketching the layout of it according to practice. Firstly, there should be farmlands to grow crops, mines to provide resources, and barracks to accommodate soldiers. All these serve for one purpose, that is, to provide enough food, warriors and weapons and make sure that the frontline battle process smoothly. When managing the city, players make progress through increasingly tough battles against NPC enemies. Besides, gamers should also take charge of heroes who command troops with unique equipment and strategies and select appropriate heroes and troops for each battle.

In Maegica, a single-handed hero is not advisable. Every player should team up with others, since the most striking feature of Maegica is its grand scene and great quantity of participants. PvP battles allow up to 100 players and 500 heroes to engage in simultaneously. Totally 13 battlefields are open for players to combat against hundreds of bosses with hierarchical level of difficulties. Players can gain pleasure and surprises from up-coming possibilities and have the chance to display their strategic talents and quick wit in army. No matter it is a battle against legions of enemy forces, alliance war fought with hundreds of player-controlled heroes, or fight with rival nations to claim for new farmlands and mines, team work and PvP are essential and vital in Maegica.

Through rounds of tough battles, what you gain is not only glory, but wit, team-work spirit and a sense of accomplishment. It is high time to embark on the journey of conquering and defeating. Caesar’s exclamation of “I came, I saw and I conquered” can be echoed from your heart.

Updates: Maegica is developed by Heroic Era which also publishes DDTank, Senatry and Caesary.

4 Comments on Maegica


  1. Matt says:

    So, am I right in saying that if i play this with my girlfriend/friends. we will have different cities but be allied together?

  2. GIR_222552 says:

    How do i battle like i goto the battlegrounds then what???

  3. blackwolf says:

    they seem to have fixed the bugs so much better

  4. JoeBlow says:

    This is a game to avoid. Good in concept, but very very bad in execution. Server 1 and 2 were both failures, Server 3 started to give players a "clean" board instead of seeing all the players that quit. 1 and 2 were plagued with outages and resetting players back weeks at a time due to "hackers" multiple times.

    Server 3 may prove more stable, but there are no in game metrics to enforce balance, so if you choose an unpopulated nation then you will be at a huge disadvantage. If you want to try it, play it free for a while to see if things have gotten better.

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