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Mafia Warfare

Mafia Warfare

Release Date:  April 2012
Publisher:  Diamond Yard
Developer:  Diamond Yard
Genre:  Card, Action

Mafia Warfare is Diamond Yard’s new MMO trading card game that features strategy and turn-based battle. As in most of card battle games, the goal of Mafia Warfare is to collect powerful cards and build a strong deck in order to win more battles.


Cards in Mafia Warfare are character-based and they are distinguished from each other by their different statistics and special abilities that going along with their classes. You start the game with a newbie deck containing only least rare cards (white), but as you progress through the game, you can win or purchase much rarer cards by completing missions or purchasing from the market.

The rule of the game is very similar to other card collecting games. Players typically start the game with 20 life, anyone that has 0 or fewer life or has no cards left when he or she is required to play a card will lose the match. A deck can contain 8, 16, or 24 cards depending on the rule of a specific match. You select your deck and these cards will be shuffled to begin the game. Each turn, two cards are randomly drawn from your library and you need to choose one to play. There are 3 numbers on each card: attack strength is the amount of damage it can deal to either an enemy card or the enemy’s life; health of the card indicates the amount of damage a card can withstand before it is removed from battle field; and the last, also is the most important factor deciding your strategy: wait time, which indicates the number of rounds a card has to wait in the staging area on the bottom before it takes effect. Once your turn arrives, and a card’s wait time reach zero, the card will automatically enter the combat area and deals damage to enemy card, or inflict direct damage to enemy if your opponent has no activated card. Each card will remain on the combat area and deal damages each turn automatically until it is defeated. Cards won’t regain HP after each turn, which is different from Magic the Gathering; a destroyed card will be also put into its owner’s discard pile. As the turns elapse, you may have multiple activated cards on the combat area, and then each card will attack its corresponding opponent in the sequence from left to right. For example, if you have 3 cards but your enemy has only 2, and it’ s your turn, your third will deal direct damage to enemy’s overall HP. “Abilities” are special skills that used by many higher tier cards. Some skills take effect instantly after you play these cards, for example, healing a certain amount of health to friendly card with the lowest HP; other skills are passively triggered when certain requirements are met, for example, a card which has the “bulletproof” skill can negate a portion of damage dealt by Sniper or Hitman.

For people who are still new to trading card games, Mafia Warfare provides a single-player campaign mode that comes with basic rules of this game. In the campaign, you need to continuously fight to expand your turf and go global. Your competitors are also unique from each other by their different factions: New York, Mexico, Columbia, Russia, China and Japan. By clearing out a certain region, you can purchase all the cards that fall under the defeated hostile faction from the shop. Survival battle is a special mode that consists of alternative rule variations of the original gameplay. Players are usually placed with certain restrictions, for example, player is limited to use deck consisting of tie one cards only, making it a bit more challenging.

The PVP battles are where a trading card game shines, so does Mafia Warfare. By entering the one-on-one battles, your creativity in building your deck is put to the challenge against players from all over the world. If you win, you are rewarded with money and bonus; even if you lose, you gain the motivation and learn a good lesson on deck building. Mafia Warfare is very easy to pick up, there are not many rules causing you pain to remember them, any players who love card games but find Magic the Gathering a bit too complex can give it a shot.

8 Comments on Mafia Warfare


  1. Jack Mitchell says:

    This is the only game I am currently playing because it is so addictive. The development team is constantly improving the game and listens to its players

  2. Donald W says:

    I've never seen as much interaction between the players and developers (who also play). Great site that continues to improve all the time.

  3. Evan says:

    I`m not a big gamer but this game can keep my attention. I love trading card games.

  4. Nick H says:

    One of the best browser games I've ever seen. And I've played alot of them. Lots of room to campaign that becomes non-linear after unlocking new areas. Lots of cards with a variety of abilities keep the game interesting, and the abilities are mostly intuitive so the game is not overly complex. PvP allows for endless play and creative, strategic combining of the cards available. And the developers are some of the most personally invested and quickest to respond to players' ideas and needs that I've seen anywhere. I highly recommend this game.

  5. Gogo Incognito says:

    great game, exciting!!

  6. Tom J says:

    The best card game on facebook. Good work!

  7. diven algu says:

    I’ve played magic the gathering for years, its the most amazing traiding card game but it is expensive, at least with mw, buying for the cards with actual cash is not a necessity

  8. Trippy says:

    I only wish this would work on the safari browser

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