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Magic Flight

Magic Flight

Release Date:  July 03, 2012
Publisher:  Ravensburger Digital
Developer:  Ravensburger Digital
Genre:  Casual, Social Game

Magic Flight is a Facebook game in which you are using magical paper airplanes to fly around the world, in search of the mysterious artifacts on the way. Fly higher, faster and further than your friends.


To be Honest, side-scrolling flight games are the last titles I would ever like. Magic Flight is even more demanding and therefore completely inappropriate for me.

Taking the responsibility to discover special items in different places, you are to take a paper plane, which looks rather a glider aircraft than a plane itself, move and click the mouse, and the plane is flying in the sky.

During the flight, hold the left button of your mouse and move the mouse up and down to control the direction of the plane so as to burst bubbles floating in the air that contain coins and items within – it’s not as easy as it sounds though. Every time you take off, you get a full fuel refill. But that will use up in a few seconds. In my case, before I get used to how to control this light plane it falls down to the ground after running out of fuel. That explains why most of my flights cover only tens of meters before they come to the end, although the crash does no harm really.

Lots of places around the globe will be unlocked one by one while each consists of multiple stations. Those stations are connected and only if you completely travel the full length of one station will you be able to get access to those connected to this station. Given that flights are incredibly shot, you may have to take off dozens of times before leaving the station.

The items you are going to collect are not merely for fun. They are necessary for building certain stuffs in the hangar so as to upgrade the plane and enhance its performance. Some of those items are also required for flying in some stations.

And since I appear to have this gift as to avoid as many bubbles as possible even if I was trying my best to burst the bubbles, I find the game unplayable way before I complete all the stations of Venice, the first city I explore. Obviously I need some paper, either from taking flights in previous stations or by manufacturing in artifacts.

Every flight consumes about 10 energy points and one could easily deplete energy in Magic Flight. Nonetheless, as the experience is accumulated pretty fast, you could count on the refill after upgrades to continue instead of purchasing energy using the crystals.

Anyway, if you excel at or would like a unique experience in side-scrolling flight games, you might give Magic Flight a try. But if you happen to suck at such games as I do, well, keep away from it.

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