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Magic Land

Magic Land

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Wooga
Developer:  Wooga
Genre:  Building

Magic Land is a city-building game featuring cute cartoon style. Generally, the game blends city-building and resource management, which make itself looks fresh overall at first glance, but none of them is unique alone.


The game is based on a fantasy theme of fairies, swords and magic. Enemies you can come across in the game are all about mysterious creatures like trolls, ogres and dragons. The game doesn’t break up the monotony of the “Bad guys kidnap princess, heroes rush to save them”. At the beginning, a dragon ambushed the defenseless castle and took away the princess. The king promised you land in return for rescuing the princess. But before that, players need to help the king to recover the damage caused by the rampage.

The graphics are above average while not good enough. The game adopts high-detailed 2D top-down perspective instead of isometric view, which is more commonly seen in city-building games. Players have controllable heroes or heroines, their actions and movements are detailed; however, buildings in Magic Island are not animated.

Farming plays an important role in the game, because you need to provide food supplies to houses in order for them to generate coins for the kingdom. You purchase the farm plots and seed any crops you wish to grow. Likewise, crops are distinguished from each other with their own ripen periods and yield quantities, which allow you to strategically choose the right crop best suiting your play style. Speaking of stones and woods, they are indispensable materials for all of the buildings. But don’t worry about those things, since there have been already many trees and rocks from the very beginning, you can roam around the map to chop trees and mine rocks as long as you have enough energy to do the jobs.

As you upgrade the kingdom infrastructures, you will soon need to expand your nation’s borders in order to hold more buildings. In Magic Land, you don’t directly purchase grayed out areas, instead, you use the torch to disperse these fogs. It’s really a new exploration mode, which doesn’t have any sort of precedent among Facebook games.

It is the social element that should be blamed. There was a primary quest that required me to invite friends to be my neighbors. I did although I was reluctant to do that. But it was still far from complete. Later, I became aware that I would have to bother them again and ask for unique items in order to complete my building. Since I don’t have many active buddies, I still leave the quest incomplete. That’s how I was struck in the game.

Overall, Magic Land fails to bring anything radically new to the table. So it might be hard to appeal to players who have already deeply immersed themselves in old-school games like Farmville and Cityville. Of course, the game has twisted graphics. If you would like to play something new and vividly animated, you can give it a shot.

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