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Magic Valley

Magic Valley

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Vostu
Developer:  Vostu
Genre:  Social Game

Magic Valley is a Facebook social game developed by Vostu, which previously pusblished Flying Kingdoms and Gol Mania. In the game, you collect raw materials, craft magic items, do business and decorate your valley.


Magic Valley is a game where you are fascinated with the beautiful graphics and wish to cling to it at first sight, but one hour later you would wanna leave and never come back.

Admittedly, the animation of Magic Valley is one of the best cartoony pictures I’ve ever seen. But, come on! It’s a Facebook social game. How ugly can it be anyway? Players will run errands around the place, shoo Dark Mages and raccoons, repair and build houses, put decorative stuff, plant and harvest crops. And since magic is involved, you will craft various potions and mixes. And then, problems arise.

All the items you are asked to make require materials you collect by chopping trees, mining rocks, planting crops, and removing weed and mushroom. Some even require things you can get only by asking your friends. Hence, you have to do all those collections to have enough materials to fulfill tasks. Not just that. You have to collect crystals before you can start the crafting.

And like in many other games, you have to take several steps to clear a rock, remove a weed, and gather a mushroom. But that is not the end of story. You also explore the mist-covering areas, build houses, collect revenues, and gather the items you’ve crafted. You even have to spend four energy points just to wake up a bear.

The energy is involved in almost everything you do in Magic Valley but it is often the case that you only have enough energy to complete tasks at the start of each level and during the rest of time, you just wait for the refill over time.

It is safe to say that the animation in Magic Valley is among the best that developers have to offer in Facebook games. But when you look inside, you only see stuff that tricks you into paying for energy.

Note: The artworks in the game are pretty much similar to those in Ravenshire Castle.

11 Comments on Magic Valley


  1. Carlos says:

    Similar to Ravenshire Castle, are you blind?

  2. bryan says:

    if u dont like it then go play something else carlos

  3. Débora says:

    eu ñ consigo acordar o urso ñ consigo chegar até ele. oq faço ?

  4. may grace salazar says:

    how to use Gaia1 on the games

  5. BeReal says:

    This is a nice game to play; however they launched the game before they had proper English educated personnel. If you put in a Support ticket in this game DO NOT expect to get an answer back for at least a month or more, and if you do get an answer expect it to be written in a form of Spanish! The majority of the English players have complained since the game was launched and Vostu, the game's producer, has yet to realize that English is a primary global language. Vostu is a Brazilian company and even though Magic Valley has been launched Globally on the internet, Vostu is still only catering to the Brazilian market.

    It is apparent when dealing with their Support help that they believe there is not other life outsid of Brazil. I have come to think that the president of Vostu is still waiting for Christopher Columbus to discover the "New World" before expecting Vostu personnel to learn English.

  6. I need neighbors /necesito vecinos :D!

  7. Ursula Clarke says:

    Why am I given goals to complete in Magic Valley and then keep the materials and buildings I need to complete those goals locked up from me? It doesn't make any since!! Please help!!

  8. Ursula Clarke says:

    I am on level 8. You ask me to update the dock, I don't even have the dock cleared yet. I don't have my magic Portal since I killed the slime monster also I haven't had the fireworks to level up in weeks now. You give me quest and then keep the buildings I need to complete the quest locked up. I have spent a lot of money on this game and expect more cooperation from the developers. If I can't play the game because you keep ignoring me I will have to stop playing because it is so frustrating. The last time I contacted you was 7 weeks ago and didn't get a response back from you. I have played several games now and you have the worst support system I have come across!! My player no. is u2663784v70391002len_US

  9. Ursula Clarke says:

    Please help me to fix the problems I have just described to you in the report I just sent in.
    thank you

  10. Ursula Clarke says:

    Please let me have the dock, my magic portal and my fireworks. Unlock the buildings I need to complete quest.
    I am frustrated. I spend a lot of money on this game. Please help me!!! u2663784v70391002len_US

    I am up to level 108 and you haven't let me expel that area so I can use it. PLEASE HELP ME!!

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