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MapleStory is a free to play 2D side-scrolling MMO, which is published by Nexon in North America and EU. The game also features a Facebook version under the title MapleStory Adventures.

Today we are going to give you a brief introduction to one of the oldest yet the youngest online game MapleStory which was first launched in South Korea in 2003 by Wizet, a famous game developer in Seoul.

Upon its release, it immediately attracted a large amount of faithful fans of online games, thanks to its cuddly characters, amusing creatures and fairly-drawn 2D anime-style graphics. It appeals to a variety of players, especially girls. And a year later, MapleStory was spread to China, Japan and other regions across the world. In 2007, it had been localized and well-received in the European markets. Until presently, the number of fans of MapleStory has reached more than 60 million worldwide. Of course, you may pop questions like “What is so good about it?” Follow me closely to find your answer!

MapleStory is a 2D MMORPG in which every detail, including gnats and characters, is vividly drawn by hand. The game world is like a dreamland full of wonders. Everything is reminiscent of our innocent childhood. The monsters are not vicious; fighting is not scary; and even the PvP combat is not bloody in MapleStory. As for its target audience, it is almost suitable to all age groups. But MapleStory holds most appeal to players at the age of 8 years old and a little bit older. Therefore, MapleStory is dubbed the title of “Child’s Play” in the game circle. This adorable game is free to play, and you can register for an account, download its client and start off your wondrous adventure.

Once the client is installed, it is necessary to create the appearance of your hero. Frankly, you have an enormous selection of options, ranging from the shape of the eyes, lips, eyebrows and the color of skin, hair to hair styles and so on. And if you spend enough time in this part, you can get a hero with an unparalleled appearance. Then there are also four classes, namely, warrior, archer, wizard and thief, for you to choose. You will not run into any difficulties at the beginning, because all “Newbie” and green-hands are assigned a special task in order to familiarize with each profession and its skills. If you are bored of having only one profession at your disposal, don’t worry, since you can switch your job freely from level 10. In addition, MapleStory also boasts an endless supply of clothes and equipments which can be bought with virtual currency. All items are well-crafted and stylish, luring rich players to buy in large quantity.

The gameplay is easy and fun. All tasks in MapleStory are revolved around killing monsters. As soon as you set foot on the game world, you will be enchanted by the visually appealing ambiance. The wonderland is full of a variety of cute pigs, stray mushrooms, little snails and tree stumps, which are a feast to the eye.

As your character levels up, you will run across increasingly powerful enemies. Eventually, you are confronted with tough bosses who you must vanquish in order to enter the next round. If you have no confidence about your own ability, you can team up with your friends and overcome your foes with the combined strength. To find congenial players, you can click into the “Party” mode or partake in a mighty guild. Except for finding allies and friends, you can also look for your soul mate and get married in the virtual world.

In order to “grow up”, you are required to spend hours hunting for monsters and performing quests in the primitive pattern of “exploring the unknown areas and bringing out something”. If you want to achieve a rapid growth, you have to spend some real money. But it’s your call!

Despite the fact that the game is so popular, the project is constantly evolving. As a result, the number of users is on the increase with each passing day. As developers regularly update the game, you can always look for some refreshing surprises in MapleStory. Recently, the graphics has been elaborated; the user interface has been improved; and new quests and game events have been added. It is expected to supplement other features in the near future, so we will soon see a brand-new version of MapleStory. Hooray!

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  1. Someone says:

    Nexon screwed this game up big time
    Its so easy to level up now and the people there are so rude not like before D:
    Damn you Nexon T.T

  2. someone else says:

    well that would depend on who you know. I personally try to help everyone i come across, donate stuffs, and just try to help. but i don't play as much anymore… stupid computer 😛

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