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MapleStory Adventures

MapleStory Adventures

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MapleStory Adventures is a free to play Facebook casual game that is closely associated with the 2D Side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory published by Nexon, the publisher of Vindictus.

Game Description:

To turn the leisure time into pleasure is no easy job, otherwise, there would not exist such a phrase as laborious idleness. Surely the way to fill a moment with fun varies from person to person; but one surest method must have been playing a lighthearted game that would not demand large chunks of time but offer great enjoyment. If one feels like taking a little delightful adventure and encountering cute monsters dropping coins, magic stones and mysterious boxes, etc, then MapleStory Adventures is the very game one would desire.

MapleStory Adventures, a role-playing game that is featured monster-slaying and treasure-seeking in the journey of adventure, has made its landfall on Facebook, ambitious to get a fair share of this social network. Being a new game on Facebook, it is, however, not a completely new game made out of innovative ideas, but rather an adapted version of an original MMORPG, e.g. MapleStory, for Facebook.

Converted from a downloadable side-scrolling MMORPG, “MapleStory Adventures” surely has underwent many a change, simplifying the complexity in terms of gameplay and operation while at the same time amplifying the social interaction elements never absent in the Facebook platform. On the whole, it keeps the basic gameplay mechanic more or less the same with that of the MMO version, in which the player is able to relish endless adventures as a Warrior or a Wizard wandering around on the large enough world landscapes ranging from Poisonous Middle Forest to Mushroom Town and from the Black Goat Hill to the Florina Beach.

During the traversal among places, players can take story-driven quests that can bring about coins and experience points or they can receive extra ones from special task-givers which takes more time but rewards with unconventional items. With simplifying operation, most combat quests are usually finished by easy clicks on monsters; and once a pre-set quota, by counting the number of killed monsters or dropped items from mobs, is completed, the case is over. As mentioned above, players may role-play Warrior or Wizard, two only classes available yet with little influence over the gameplay, but players are able to personalize their own avatars with unique costumes and better looks as they upgrade into higher level. As to its add-in social features, MapleStory Adventures includes not only the commonplace mutual gifts-giving and certain amount of friends as prerequisite for unlocking new gameplay, but also the ability to employ friends once one defeats monsters from higher level.

Curiously, the game is as simple as it is stimulating. Once entering this fantasy world, you have nothing to worry about but your own clicking wrists, for there are so many adorable monsters you can’t help keep clicking on!

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