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Mark Online

Mark Online

Release Date:  2012
Developer:  Black Smith Games

Are you tired of the repetitive grinding which makes one obsess with the simple level-up and forget the bigger picture? Are you dread of all kinds of limitations from the choice of race or class that sets barriers for free, indulgent character development? Now Mark Online is going to shake the game market with its hellish gameplay full of thrill and devoid of bore.

Mark Online, (short for Middle Ages Rising Kingdoms Online), is a new fantasy adventure role-playing MMO made by Black Smith Games, a game startup based in South Korea. The game is set against the medieval Europe where all in-game heroes are attempted to fight all the way to build the most influential kingdom. In light with the fantasy setting, various in-game items such as weapon, armor and medicine can be found prototypes in European battlefields in historical record, and castles of all shape are also derived from reality to restore Europe in that age.

With regard to the gameplay, several innovative designs make it quite outstanding. First of all, cutting off the class limitation at initial, this game directs its focus on abundant skill development, allowing players to form personal combat style which may lead them into switching to Hunter, Warrior, Assassin and Mage etc. once certain level is reached. Then it is the unique questing system that introduces into the player-to-player mode.

That is to say, a player is able to pay for another to complete varied tasks, which can be resource collection or assassination of a marked foe. And then it is the noteworthy PvP-related content. Designed as hard-core style, cutthroat killing is permeated in all combat; and once killed, the dead’s items in the package will be robbed completely, leaving only coins and the equipment in body. But to protect one’s own items to great extent, players are able to excise a special skill to send their gained items back to inventory in the middle of fights. Besides, the in-game dungeons conjure up randomly with all monsters and Bosses appear the same way; moreover, players can engage in PvP here too, for dungeons are open to all that meet the entry requirement.

While cruel killing preys on all almost everywhere, the protection zone near the kingdom is the only place that players can seek a moment of ease and peace. Out of protection zone, everyone becomes moving target to all except those in the same guild. So it is not a matter of choice for one to decide whether to join a guild, rather it is almost a must to survive the live-or-die competition.

All in all, Mark Online is going to capture players with many creative designs that have never been seen in other games. Yet since it’s still worked on without definite release date, players probably have to wait until next year.

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