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Mars Frontier

Mars Frontier

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  SpinPunch
Developer:  SpinPunch
Genre:  Strategy

After 300 years of robotic exploration, humans arrive on Mars for the first time. It is a one way ticket and a race to found a new civilization

Mars Frontier is a social strategy online game from SpinPunch. You are commander to deploy your robot units in enemy base and attack enemy enemies in a struggle to loot everything that you need like iron. Your goal is to build a powerful base where you should build droid factory, robotics lab, just name a few, and produce resources like Iron, Water, and Energy.


Graphically, the game immediately reminds me of a game called Final Eden published by Kabam, but Mars Frontier is more than what you were expecting. It does not let you build enough buildings before you dispatch your troops to enemy base, and instead you are able to engage yourself in a real-time robot combat as you build your military and academic facilities.

In the tutorial, you could build a small number of units and deploy them to attack the enemies. In this situation, it is easy to win a battle, while as the enemy grows, you must upgrade your labs, produce more resources for supply of both defensive and offensive troops.

If some of units you have already trained will be no longer in service, you could recycle them into the original resources you were required to train. Mars Frontier, in some ways, works with the same mechanics employed in Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, a browser-based MMORTS that EA and Aeria Games co-published.

Mars Frontier is well-presented in a browser game standard. The mission system is simplified enough to let you grow step by step and you will be rewarded upon the completion of a mission and in between, you may receive some tips on how to skillfully grab the game.

With respect to the social features, the game has integrated a couple of options. You can invite your friends to play and get gifts, or talk in the world chat channel with other players online.

Mars Frontier is an engaging strategy title, but it could have been better if the developers are willing to invest more in graphics, character modeling and music. Perhaps, it is a matter of time. After all, the developers has raised money in Kickstarter  for its creative project.

3 Comments on Mars Frontier


  1. I cannot log into the Mars Frontier game, it keeps reloading my webpage and trying to reconnect. I had an issue like this before using a game called Light of Nova but turns out it was a Facebook issue. I am not running any addons or have any virus's on my computer and I play several other games but this one is acting up. Any idea on what may be causing this. I was able to bypass the issue with the light of nova by going to their webpage joyfort.com so I was hoping that there was one for this game but i guess not.

  2. Craig says:

    Mars Frontier is a great Game – Thank you SpinPunch.

  3. Cris says:

    ya i am having the same issue before anytime i try to go to other lands like other players spot i get dc it takes 3 hrs for me to get back in cause of that. i even have to go to the public internet cafe once a week 2 update my units. i run other games with no issue and yet this game gives me the main issue. once i get in tho it seems like the game works fine but getting in and staying in. a headack. i love it on facebook tho please fixs this issue

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