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Martial Empires

Martial Empires

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  gamigo

In the mystical land of Neha, trial and tribulation are spreading like wild fires devouring the whole continent. To put such catastrophe into an end, heroes rise up to the challenge with different missions that the Mage is determined to curb the Babylonians’ excessive greed for power, the Warrior sets out to complete a secret task issued by the king and the Ranger will by all means bring murderers into justice for personal revenge.No matter which type of hero you will grow up to, the door of Martial Empires is open to you.

Role-playing one of the above three character archetypes, players can embark on their heroic adventure in the fantasy MMO Martial Empires which is praised for its concise interfaces, excellent visual effects, high resolution of 3D graphics and fierce PvP and PvE battles. While players can customize their own avatars in the usual fashion, the class is gender locked with the Mage and Warrior only for male and the Ranger exclusive to female. Each class is gifted with its unparalleled strength, such as the damage endurance ability of warriors and agility of rangers. Weapons each class wields are different from one another with three pieces available for each. In addition, each weapon develops following a unique skill tree that makes each item own special attributes, such as the enhancement of a sword to mages’ hitting effect or the unique power of a scythe to transfer enemies’ health into its master, etc. And players are able to choose to horn their skills with a specified weapon or a combination of two or three. Also switching weapons in combats is possible to allow players to fight flexibly and resourcefully.

While players can wander around the world alone taking quests and taking on enemies, they could also form guilds at a certain level to explore dungeons of higher level with more dangerous monster bosses. Since each class is blessed with cutting edges and flawed with weakness, players will definitely find joining a guild a more effective way to succeed in battlefields of various types. Once their guild arrives at required level, players will gain access to guild warfare, defeating rivals, conquering the entire region and topping the leaderboard. The Chronicle of Souls recording the legends of previous heroes, why not try to make yourself an entry in that book too?

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