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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Release Date:  0228/2012
Publisher:  Playdom
Developer:  Playdom
Genre:  Shooter

Join in the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D., be a partner of Avengers, the most dependable and righteous assembly ever in the Marvel world, and commit yourself into the vital cause of life or death! As Marvel’s first Facebook game, Marvel Avengers Alliance is born out of joint efforts from both Marvel and social game developer Playdom, attempting to make your Facebook vibrant with dozens of Marvel heroes.

Set in the wake of “the Pulse” in which the entire galaxy was ransacked, the game centers on the city of New York. An unavoidable disaster is approaching, as the Marvel’s most formidable villains (Doom, Loki, The Red Skull, to name a few) have long been coveting Manhattan. You will play the role of a junior S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and call in the superheroes throughout the world to tackle with the threat and protect the city.

Though developing in such a splendid storyline, Marvel Avengers Alliance follows an ordinary RPG game’s routine. At the outset of the game, you will create a character and customize it with various weapons and accessories. Then, a familiar Marvel’s world will heave in sight. The comic figures once you could only see in movies or books, such as Spiderman and Captain America, are just moving around you for real, regardless of your alliances or enemies. If you have been used to playing heroes in most other actions games, this new identity will bring you a refreshingly new experience. To be a competent convener of all heroes, an overall capacity, as well as personal charm, is required. Onerous missions and intense team-based combats are waiting ahead, and through unlocking new abilities and attack modes, the character could be further customized and faster promoted. Right now, we just look forward to its official release early this year.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance is more than a game. It can be thunder roaring and sparking electricity into the social platform–Facebook, which is home to a majority of casual games and generic action games.

Turn-based or real time? Open world or enclosed battlefield? MMORPG or single player-game with a dose of compulsory interaction? Whoever asks such things must go kiss the floor. Because all of us are talking about the team members. The marvelous team members—black widow, iron man, captain America, spider man are just the first comers into the team. Most of them (totally 30) have been your childhood heroes or lifetime heroes. Now you recruit them, train them and listen to them asking you for further instruction—hold your tears! They depend on you, the one that can ruin their legend as well as continue their legend.

As I mentioned at first, this game is a high-voltage one. The whole things begin when our earth planet is wounded by a disastrous electromagnetic wave from other galaxy, and America is being prey of a monstrous group, who are high-tech, well-organized, ambitious like elite humans and brutal, fearless like beasts and, they are no less notorious than your heroes are famous. Power armor, bioterrorist, Baron Zemo, whiplasher are just tiny threats to warm up.

However, the tutorial of MAA is one of the nicest I’ve ever got. It’s the first time I naturally focus my hope on success while putting away my fear for destruction. It’s a good start! As a senior casual game player, I begin to love MAA’s heavy destruction as well as the efficient construction and the hunting-grade killings in other genre. The quests of MAA are typed out in a proper pace, without any useless content, sometimes giving a complete meaning with incomplete sentence. When it’s time to recruit a hero, he or she appears to talk about the situation. Besides battles, heroes may be occupied by “remote operation” in “flight bay” to produce silver (cheaper currency in the game) or deployed by your organization-SHIELD. A series of conditions to keep you feeling needed and wanted are all set there, such as energy to eat up your “first aid kit”, stamina to consume your “stamina booster”, SHIELD points (for training and researching) to use up 30 gift receiving chances per day, and command point for recruiting heroes, is hard to and only to get from battles.

Unlike many such games that allow only one gift-sending for the same item and 3-5 gifts in total, MAA allows up to 30 gifts. You can receive and send 30 of the same item you badly need, with about four clicks, because one click sends about 7 items. Generous and convenient, in case that the commander of these heroes may be angry! But failures have proved that research helps little. I did 5 researches before repeating a challenge, but still lost it. Weapons are not upgradable; training button to enhance heroes is never shown unless you are experienced enough to be told to train, which makes you admire a condition requirement to reach for. The battle is super ability versus super ability, high-tech versus high-tech. if you really fancy it, invest your cash into the resources, powers, supplies.

Cash doesn’t mean you can be stupid and reckless. MAA is turn-based, only TvT in fact, since the PVP unlocked later is also your team vs. another player’s team. Your bad choice of hero and equipment may be demonstrated turn by turn until your members are all knocked out. The battle can be 2-10 minutes if you accelerate it, and more than 30 minutes is not impossible. You can’t imagine how long each battle takes when both sides are fully grown. It’s up to you to choose the right heroes according to the enemies foretold, and a rule to always keep in mind: blaster ﹤ bruiser﹤scrapper﹤infiltrator﹤tactician﹤blaster. And try your best to stick to your battlefield. When you are knocked out of the battle, inventory supplies can’t be used any more, while most of the enemies can fix their own injuries swiftly as if they can never die.

Anyway, this game is a show, a rich show of weapon types, attacking gestures, hurting styles and a new legend involving all expected or unexpected excitements needs you to write on.

32 Comments on Marvel: Avengers Alliance


  1. Some Guy says:

    Wow. Does this website not have an editor? "Genetic" instead of generic… Lack of capitalisation… poor grammar…

  2. unhappy customer says:

    Stay away from this game. Its really buggy, and playdom has a lousy customer support.

  3. Jesus says:

    Im hungry for cheesecake burritos

  4. User says:

    Playdom are a hell of a lot better with regards to customer support then Zynga are. The only reason why Zynga get such a good rep when it comes to "customer support" is because of the fact that Zynga censor anything (I mean ANYTHING) negative that is said about them, Playdom don't. I

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance is easily the best game on Facebook and it will definitely give the other "big" games on Facebook a run for their money.

  5. mechangel says:

    "The comic figures once you could only see in movies or books, such as Spiderman and Captain America, are just moving around you for real, regardless of your alliances or enemies." Um. What? There are tons of Marvel games (and rides) like, say… Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2? This writer has a poor grasp of the English language as well as video games and the Marvel franchise, but the game is not horrible.

  6. LadyAhiru says:

    i can not train "thing" the training button is not there, only "Buy uniform"

  7. DemarcusBenjamin80 says:


  8. kutu says:

    Could not unlock the third jet. somebody help me

  9. Anne says:

    Does the number of alliances have a limit? I already have 50 and I have 3 newly added alliances, but i can't see them on my list!

  10. kyle says:

    how the hell do we play it im like stuck on the training part i dont even knoe hoe to attack

  11. men says:

    any hacks or cheats

  12. juehvin says:

    very nice

  13. Mandii says:

    Why isn't it letting me play pvp battles anymore?

  14. javan says:

    u hacked it or the season is finished either or

  15. maagrabber says:

    Hey guys, if you need a dozen extra shield points, check out http://www.facebook.com/MAAGrabber

  16. Chad Hamilton says:

    New heroes announced at New York Comic Con 2012 for Marvel Avengers Alliance coming soon.

  17. Nicolle says:

    This game is half rigged. Automatically half of your hits don't affect the other players, but theirs take away all of your characters' health, they can dodge what your character dishes out, but you can never dodge theirs. For the people who pay for the game; they're suckers. This game is just random 1's and 0's and that's how winners are chosen. So if you're a hacker; go ahead and sign up; you can make yourself win. Otherwise, don't bother and don't pay for the game. There is no advantage point unless you're a hacker who can control how the outcome will play out. Because facebook does NOT believe in any sort of fairplay.

  18. dee gray says:

    OK I have news for all you Die Hard gamers like me, the Marvel PvP for Psylocke is all BULL SHIT, and let me explain. Feeling a little under the weather this past weekend did I come to play the (money grubbing) Facebook game ‘Marvel Alliance’ and I moved in ranking from 3.2% all the way down to .6% and like no matter how hard I tried, I could not get to .5% to unlock Psylocke it just wasn’t happing. So I back off the game for one day and to my surprise did I come to back to lean that I drop from Vibanium League all the way to FUCK Gold League. Now you can see to my surprise to put in all that hard work, playing match after match to only be rewarded with low rankings and like if you lose or stop playing you drop dramatically in the standings. Now by all this I can only imagine to the brilliant developers at Playdom that came to thought up this most wonderful way to cause for you to pop a brain vessel (I can only guess that they do not come to consider something that they do not come to have, a BRAIN!!!!). So once more I play a game that acts like the Mob than anything else, you pay once and they keep trying to make you pay even more, and the sad thing about it was I (like a fool) bought 500 gold for $100, to buy Scarlet Witch and most all the characters in the game, and for some reason they make characters the cost 90-command points suck and make ones that cost 40-the bomb? (Well that only tells me the developers at Playdom and Facebook, are really not good with numbers which could explain why Facebook stocks or the way they are.) Now I do apologize for jumping off the issue, but I felt that true players of the game that did spend money on this game might come to understand. Now to my point, I to my wonder hit the .5% to unlock Psylocke, but to my shock she did not come to unlock? And with 3 days remaining I just came to wonder? So going to bed did I thought that once you hit the ADAMANTIUM LEAGUE that you stay there with no worries, as player that I looked up that have come to hit the ADAMANTIUM LEAGUE are still there. BUT TO MY FUCKING SURPRISE DID I COME TO FIND ONCE MORE, THAT I CAME TO DROP A LEAGUE WITH A 1.5% WINNING RATE. Hours of game playing to hit .5% then to not get the unlock character is all pretty fucked up if you ask me, and the only thing that I can guess is that if you bought some PvP crap that they are always trying to force on the players, would be the REALY only way that you will come to unlock any PvP characters.

  19. Augustus7669 says:

    There are definitely a few things to legitimately complain about with this game, but being a bad player and not understanding how the game works is not one of them.

  20. Regarding Marvel: Alliance Avengers, I am making it my mission to inform the public that the company Playdom,Inc engages in fraud/false advertising. This is not one angry person but the voice of a

    rather large group of consumers that gave their time and money to this company for services that do not function as advertised. After informing Playdom,Inc of their faulty system they reply with

    the same generic shady answer to every support ticket. No intention about fixing the problem or at least posting any kind of excuse or explanation. You can find all about it, the awards of season 5

    PVP tournament, and how people got deceived in spending their money for in-game prizes that they qualified for (according to Playdom,Inc rules and system) yet did not receive, on the forums and

    from the thousands of consumers. Do not let corporate ignorange and greed take you for fools. I hope incident this will set a pattern for the consumers to protect themselves and their rights

    instead of a pattern for those kind of practices that abuse and misslead the public into giving it's money. Money earned with effort, with our sanity and with time away from our loved ones.

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