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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Preview

Sara Lau
Mar 3,2012  01:03 by

No matter whether you are a hardcore comic book fan or a casual game player with broader interests you should be necessarily familiar with Marvel’s superheroes. Actually, you don’t even have to be a comic book boy to find a lot of fun in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The game features classic Role-playing genre with a nice plot, which puts players in the role of new S.H.I.E.L.D agents. And players have to team up with Marvel superheroes like Captain America, Spider-Men and some other different ones to defeat super-villains in order to safeguard the security of New York City.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance has a very nice opening cinematic. And the background music features a strong and encouraging melody bringing you the pre-battle tension, which also matches the title very well. I have to say that I have been truly fascinated by the game just from the very beginning. Marvel: Avengers Alliance has attained a very high level, which cannot be commonly seen among Facebook games.

After the short cut-scene, I was cast into the tutorial battle. The combat scene looks much rather like a very traditional arcade fighting game than an MMOPRG. I was presented in the battle scene, where my character and enemy character stood face to face at the very edge of the screen. But the game actually plays in a very traditional turn-based way. I’ve you have played some titles like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy series, the game won’t take you long to get used to. You can assign maximum three heroes to engage in battle. The action gauge situated on the top of the screen indicates the action sequence of characters. Each turn is triggered by a character avatar representing either a party member or an enemy member shown on the very left of the gauge. Then the character who takes the turn needs to perform a single action by clicking attack or defensive options laid out on the bottom of the screen. Each hero has its own various unique moves which can be unlocked by level-up. Some of them can even inflict effects such as poison or burn, which deal extra damage. Each different move consumes a set amount of stamina, which can be recharged by skipping the turn.

Also, how you efficiently manage your inventory is also the key to victory like other RPG. You can use healing packs that purchased before battle when you are seriously wounded, or you can jump into the premium store during the battle to buy devastating offensive item. Even when you are in danger, you can call a “Distress Help”, which resembles the “big bomb” feature applied in these old-fashioned side-scrolling shooting games. The other big mechanism in the game is character type. Heroes can be divided into 6 types, 5 among them interact each other resembling a stone-cloth-scissor balance, while the remaining “neutral” type stands independently among others.

In the non-combat interface, there is also some deep level of strategy involved in training your heroes. You can load one of hero into the aircraft deployed on the carrier’s hangar deck, and send him or her for remote ops in order to earn experiences points and coins when you are off-line. You start out with one aircraft only but can unlock more as your character levers up. Besides, you can customize your superheroes by equipping different kinds of different weapons and armors. One more thing, once your superheroes have accumulated enough experiences to obtain the next level, you get to train your heroes in training center in order to unlock new level; otherwise, they won’t be able to further gain experiences points after winning a battle.

Overall, Marvel: Avengers Alliance offers more ideas and depth than I have come to expect from a Facebook game. From my own point of view, the game is an innovative title that you cannot absolutely miss.

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