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Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Gazillion Entertainment
Developer:  Gazillion Entertainment
Genre:  MMORPG

Marvel Heroes is a free to play MMORPG set in the Marvel Universe where players can choose over 8000 heroes and villains and customize their characters with thousands of choices.


In the wake of the recent blockbuster movie “The Avengers”, the first MMO game set in the Marvel universe was announced. Combining the core gameplay of classic action RPG with advanced visual effects and the capability of playing with friends via internet, Marvel Heroes will be an ambitious game that has the potential to unseat Diablo franchise from its throne of dominance atop the multiplayer dungeon crawls.

Marvel Heroes is set in large gaming world while the game realm isn’t just isolated in a single location. Divided into several acts, each with its unique setting of quests, enemies and wildness landscape, Marvel Heroes permits outdoor explorations in addition to series of randomly-generated instance dungeons, in which players need to hack through hordes of monsters to gain items and hone combat skills so that they can engage with powerful end game boss face to face.

The game features unprecedented number of crossover characters from Marvel comic book titles. Fans can play as characters from Iron Man, Thor to Spider Man – along with others from the entire roster of Marvel’s 8,000 characters.

With the powerful Unreal 3 engine delivering colorful and stunning comic-book style artwork, as well as an engaging plot with quirky twists and thrilling combat system that  keeps players continuously on the edges of their seats, Marvel Heroes supplies everything that an action-packed MMO gamer is looking for.

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  1. TRAp says:


  2. Magic Man says:

    Hopefully Marvel will get it right and real magic users like Dr. Strange will be playable.

    I like DCUO but not being able to play a real offensive magic user (like Zatanna) is annoying.

  3. ramwen says:

    this is from dc universe what a scam

  4. Zzz says:

    How to download or PLAY?

  5. domanick says:

    how can i play

  6. anyone can tell me how to play this awesome game

  7. Chad Hamiltlon says:

    I can't wait to play the Marvel MMO as Captain Britain, if they can get him on the grid.

  8. Chad Hamiltlon says:

    I can't wait until Marvel MMO appears because I'm dying to play as Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell).

  9. Cap says:

    Its still in development it is marvelheroes.com.

  10. gurung satoshi says:

    how to download guys somebody help me??!!

  11. Carli says:

    ..Can I play as Loki?!

  12. Aali says:

    I really hope that this comes out for ps3 as well!!!! 😀

  13. biel says:

    como jogar

  14. biel says:

    MARVEL HEROES MMO como jogar

  15. devaice says:

    quando sai esse jogo ?

  16. deaice says:

    a mavel ja deveria ter lançado um jogo oline de mmo teria derrubado muitos outros da categoria

  17. Jaden says:

    man how to play this thing

  18. yunus says:

    how to download and play game

  19. yAMAMI says:

    How to play this effin game?!

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