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Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes

Release Date:  October 11, 2012
Publisher:  Cygames
Developer:  DeNA
Genre:  CCG

Marvel: War of Heroes is a free to play mobile CCG developed by DeNA in cooperation with Marvel Entertainment. In the game, you build your deck with Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, the Hulk and Iron Man to battle against rivals and act strategically as if in Rage of Bahamut, which has been proven a very successful fantasy card game across the android and iOS platform.

In Marvel: War of Heroes, players can either fight in the single-player campaign to earn Exp, or rewards, or directly compete with online real players in the PVP matches. The cards earned during the battle can be used to customize the deck in which each card possesses an advantageous ability of attacking, defending, or healing.


Marvel: War of Heroes is a carefully designed spinoff of the classic comic book series Marvel heroes, though it does little more than remind players of the successful books and the legendary heroes.

In this card collection game, players will gather various cards, each with its own battle statistics, including attack and defense powers. You can fight against bandits in the mission or challenge real players in battles.

In the missions, you pick up one card from your deck and use it to attack enemies that come out one by one. While in battles, you can use a maximum of five cards – and you’d better select them carefully since you might easily lose if your attack or defense is not good enough.

The game, like all the other card collection games, offers guides and tips all the time. And it needs to. The overall gameplay is quite simple indeed – after all, how hard it can be to tap Fight or Attack button once in a while? However, whether you will win depends on how you deploy the cards you have, especially in battles. You don’t have to flip the Attack button again and again as you do in missions. All the moves are determined by your cards; and once your car set is determined, you defense and attack powers are fixed. Therefore the battle results rely on whether you could overpower your rival. Thankfully, we can check other players’ attack and defense powers before deciding on whether to launch an attack.

Pick up those who are not as strong as you are, otherwise you will lose silver after being defeated. Fortunately, completing missions and attending battles also bring various rewards. Battles bring experience while the missions allow you to collect more cards and obtain silver.

The missions, however, are seldom fulfilled quickly as one would expect. Not that they are difficult. In most cases, you take down one enemy with one single blow. The problem is an energy system is designed to slow down the progression. Every mission is divided into several stages, each stage with several enemies to kill. You have only scores of energy points, but have to consume two or three points in a blow. Anyway, you are always stopped in the middle of a mission and have to wait for the energy to recover.

The comic figures, eye-catching visual effects of attacks and special actions, for example, card fusion, as well as the humorous conversations, are definitely appeals to fans of Marvel heroes. However, when it comes to the gameplay, Marvel: War of Heroes, I’m afraid, is not good enough to hold gamers for long.

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    What time is it coming out exactly. i am on the edge of my seat here i cant sleep! i cant eat! i want it out now!

  2. Garrrry says:

    Fed up with RoB getting sh*tter… Maybe we'll have more luck with this game! Although it's by Cygames again 🙁

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