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Mass Effect Infiltrator

Mass Effect Infiltrator

Release Date:  Mar 06, 2012
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  EA
Genre:  Shooter

“Mass Effect” is returning to the IOS platform with another brand-new appearance. Mass Effect Infiltrator, a third-person shooter published by EA is now available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Although the plot of this game bears close connection to Mass Effect 3 (Galaxy At War), it is not a copy of Mass Effect 3’s character-focused branching plot, but a real touch shooter experiences that delivers an engaging experience of massive galactic wars.

With intuitive tap controls and quality graphics, the game endows players with a series of gifts with which they can use for Mass Effect 3, unlock alternate routes, take access to advanced equipment and occupy a favorable location over foes. By equipping with light armor like pistols and sniper rifles in the beginning, players can get special training to sharpen their battling abilities, which paves the way for the annihilation of enemies in the later stages.


Eagerly awaited by many gamers, Mass Effect Infiltrator (MEI) has just landed on iPhone and iPad. This shooter game, compared to the FPS published by EA, spotlights less on character customization, dialog choice, and cooperative teamplay. Even MEI has positioned us in the third person perspective view. Fortunately, the engaging and crispy graphics, and core gameplay has not been changed too much.

To plunge directly into the environment of MEI, you will from the beginning watch a short video that lays the foundation of the scenario. Randall Ezno, the protagonist of Mass Effect: Infiltrator starts his career as a Covert Cerberus agent, who is commissioned to procure aliens for illegal experiments. But Randal Ezno has discovered the company was doing something sinful. So he determined to put himself in the head to reverse the activity of Cerberus!

The beginning of the game will allow you to quickly get acquainted with the game system, which can be a bit confusing. With your left hand, the character is walking, and running back, while with the right, it directs our character in the sense that we want. This type of control is different from premier sci-fi iPad FPS N.O.V.A.. , and not necessarily intuitive. The control system is a bit unusual, but you will get used to it quickly.

The game, more often than not, forces you to take cover behind a crate or a wall, in order to progress without getting snipped from enemies of all sides. In fact, the game does employ such a “dodge and cover” mechanic under which players do storyline-driven missions. To progress fast, we must keep taping the screen to indicate where we want to hide and blue arrows tell you the possible hidden places. Go right, left, forward or whatever. When covered, you will tap an enemy to choose the target, and then aim with the right hand. Shooting is done automatically in a few moments after locking a target. I think this game system makes it less flexible, to the point that we find ourselves always performing the same movement when meeting enemies.

Changing weapons can be done by pressing sliding on the icon at the top right. You will often change the type of weapons to shoot different opponents, because they run faster and are quickly unusable for a while. This sequence will also allow you to improve your finger control over time. But our character has special powers, each of which can be accessible through the icon at the top left and it will be great to help eliminate your enemies. From our experience, if you are far from the opponent, you could not even target it.

Upon the completion of each mission, you will be scored with three criteria: style, for your way to eliminate your enemies; time determines your speed, and health, if you managed to avoid the enemies’ shoots. This will give you credits that you can spend in the shop to buy new weapons, equipment … etc.

In conclusion, EMI appears to be a superb game, with fine graphics, nice effects and a sound environment. Still, the game system (a bit repetitive for my taste) and the linearity of the missions are somewhat disappointing.

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