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Mass Effect: Infiltrator Review

Sara Lau
Mar 13,2012  01:03 by

In the Mass Effect series, Commander Shepard fights against the Reapers for justice and security of the galaxy. The villain Randall Ezno had been staying in his spaceship for countless light-years and his task was ignominious: on behalf of the Cerberus organization, Randall had kidnapped from other planets all sorts of aliens, who were reduced to experimental articles.

A ruthless mercenary as Randall was, he had been numb to such inhuman behaviors. However, when his girlfriend Inali Asari was subject to this horrific experiment, things were going beyond his endurance. He betrayed his organization and saved his girlfriend out with the help of the alliance. Apparently, the Reapers are not willing to let it go, and deadly battles are then unavoidable.

Duck you, Randy!

One noticeable feature is that Mass Effect: Infiltrator has little to do with role-playing. You will go straightforward to assume the responsibility of Randall. The dialogues between Randall and his followers (in standard English) are carried out automatically and could only be heard by headphones. While Randall can run freely in Mass Effect 3, his pace in this game is controlled by your finger’s touching left and right on the iPhone or iPad’s screen.

When an opponent is within your attack range, there will be a blue flag signaling that you can touch to strike attacks. Obviously, to target vulnerabilities is preferred. However, at the same time, you have exposed yourself in front of your enemies, and considering that to control your pace on the mobile platform is not so convenient as on traditional platforms, it is not wise to keep shooting your opponents in uncovered places.

Shooting and biotic powers

Similar to Mass Effect 3, this game equips Randall with a large variety of weapons, including rifle, shotgun, sniper and beam. The choice of weapons primarily depends on different situations. For example, when Randall is confronted with a hefty Krogan, a shotgun is simply preferred to a delicate sniper rifle.
Aside from the weapons, there are four biotic forces serving as irreplaceable power in battles, as well as Randall’s repertoire skills including sprinting, concealing and launching melee attacks.

Shooting with Style

To those courageous and genius shooters who are excel at sweeping out the enemies by use of the varied weapons, skills and biotic powers, Mass Effect: Infiltrator is willing to generously reward style points. But what’s more amazing is the credit, with which you can buy items to upgrade your overall outfits.

App is ripping off?

The items in the shop are designed considerately to meet even the most demanding and specific need, and they are especially helpful for the enhancement of Ezno’s fighting abilities, to be more exact, for the improvements of weapons, skills and biotic forces, which could be significantly effective in the tougher battles followed.

Meanwhile, since credits in the app store are sold at a rather high price—1.59€ for 2,500 credits, you would not like to tighten your belt for additional credits, right? Well then, to drain the vast corridors in search of the credits seems worthy of your strength. This is actually the most stylish and rewarding part of the whole game. Consequently, even to spend 5,000 credits in upgrading a gun is just a piece of cake, isn’t it?

Information on Alliance

For both Mass Effect: Infiltrator and Mass Effect 3, intel is of vital significance. You can pick up the intel which is dropped by the defeated enemies and upload it to the Galaxy at War servers to give the Alliance a hand. Furthermore, you might as well exchange for credits, since a piece of intel equals to 50 credits. Amazing synchronization of two platforms, really!

Through data interchange, this mobile game is perfectly connected to the Mass Effect universe, covering the originally noted locations, weapons, as well as races that are all up to the pixel.

Speaking of the pixel, I should mention Iron Monkey, the development team behind this game. They have concentrated on every detail in the developing process, even on the implementation of Dead Space on mobile platforms, which all contribute to the stunning outcome of Infiltrator.

Last but not least, the audio and visual effect fits perfectly to the game. Wish you a pleasant time in this companion of Mass Effect 3!

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