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Mecha Clash: A Free online Mecha Robot Game

Sara Lau
Apr 29,2011  10:04 by

MechaClash is a free online robot fighting game with gifts to win.Collect items, build your robot and challenge other players to become the best fighter. You get every day a new item to improve your robot. Unite your strength with a league and fight together in the universe of MechaClash! Registering is quick and easy.

The game consists of vanquishing the maximum number of adversaries in order to climb the ranking and reach the highest possible level.

Combat takes place by confronting the robots of two given adversaries. Each robot is composed of the items that define their features.

For every combat you win or lose the strength points that determine your level, depending on the result.
The number of strength points lost or won determines the current difference strength points of the combatants.

A player winning against an adversary with a lot more strength points will win more strength points than one fighting someone with less strength points. If the difference is too great, no points are awarded.

Ranking points are allocated at the start of each hour, by calculating the average of the player’s power points since the last definitive general ranking carried out weekly.

The ranking is determined in accordance with each player’s ranking points.

Gift points are allocated in accordance with the player’s ranking in the individual ranking. If the player is part of a league, he/she gets additional gift points in accordance with the league’s place in the league ranking. Rankings take place every Sunday around 20H00 (unless delayed for technical reasons). The date of the next ranking and the current position in the ranking can be consulted at any time in the “Provisional Ranking” tab

Gift points enable you to get gifts from the store. This operates on an auction system: at the end of the auction, the player having placed the highest bid (in gift points) wins the gift. Players who bid less are automatically reimbursed their bids (Warning: reimbursal takes place at the end of the auction, and not when a player bids above).

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