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Mecha Galaxy

Mecha Galaxy

Release Date:  August 2012
Publisher:  Game Craftsmen
Developer:  Game Craftsmen
Genre:  Sci-Fi

Mecha Galaxy is a Facebook sci-fi text-based ROG set in a world of robots. In the game, you will act as a pilot who develops his universal base, customizes robots, enhances equipment and recruits pilots and finally creates a corps to seek for the dominance in the universe. To achieve that, you take over properties, finish story missions to advance your rank on worldwide ladder board, and fight it out with other player pilots to gain both money and experiences.


The gameplay of Mecha Galaxy is completely standard for this genre. You may feel like you are playing a spreadsheet: there are no fancy visuals or lifelike animation though, however there is no doubt the game is a blast, especially if you play casually in small and relaxing chunks of time. Customizing your personal robot squadron is of great fun in the game. Depending on the rarity of robots, they have different numbers of equipment slots, and a good variety of gears ranging from laser, missile, armor plate, can be gained to customize the performances. Primary stats of the pilots can also be raised with distributable points offered each time you gain a new level: laser, missile, cannon, fire and ice give damage bonus when a specific weapon is used; armor enhances the overall toughness of robots; while energy allows you to do more jobs. My personal suggestion here is that, if you’re seeking cash as well as peace, pouring all your skill points into Energy is usually the best idea. By doing this, you can do as many jobs as you want, and you’ll wind up getting tons of cash. That cash can be turned into powerful gears that will offset your robots’ lower attack and defense skills. On the other hand, if you are an aggressive player seeking for dominance, you can put all skill points gained from leveling up into attack-related attributes.

The “mission” tab on the menu list is the bread and butter of the game and player will be on that screen most of the time in the game. There are four mission scenarios, and you start with only the ability to access the first tier mission, the “Pirate Moon”, which is divided into 12 stages. If you have at least one energy point, you can go ahead to click on the “Do mission” button, after that you get the reward summary. Chances are that you may fail a mission and gain no loot or run into space pirates. In that case, a battle will inevitably break out. Then the combat animation is played out. As events in a battle unfold, they will be recorded in the real-time combat log, which is situated on the right-hand side column. I was attracted by its various robots and changeable battle formations. You should deploy suitable robots and activate the corresponding formation so that they have a chance to win the final victory. However, you do not have direct control over your troops, two factions attack each other alternatively until either side is destroyed, which is a bit of a letdown.

PvP battles are where the fun lies. As you rise in win-loss ratio, you will climb through the rank of the worldwide ladder board. Fighting another player costs one battle point, and you usually don’t get to see how powerful your opponent is beforehand. However, players are listed by level and win-loss ratio, so you’ll have some idea about what you’re up against. Additionally, the game only displays players around your level.

4 Comments on Mecha Galaxy


  1. Name withheld says:

    The game itself is not as grand as the above review makes it out to be. The game, which has been in beta testing for over a year, is bug ridden: the game will freeze or lock-up, quests on the home page are inactive, customizing features are in a perpetual "coming soon" limbo, and so on. Even the recently added "watch videos from our sponsors to gain …" doesn't work.

    Fact of the matter is, this is a pay to win game, designed for those who feel the need to spend money on a free game in order to gain an edge over the casual gamers. Ironically, it seems the staff are more inclined to produce more pay-to-own mechs and weapons then they are at fixing the game, or at least making the updates and changes they've been discussing for months.

    Who wins is a matter of who can equip the most powerful weapon purchasable and equip it on the highest level mech one can afford. The only active customization going on is how to spend your two upgrade points per level of advancement: energy (for more missions), laser, projectile, missile, ice weapons, fire weapons, extra armor points, increase ton rating (for higher end mechs)… and in order for any of these to be effective, you need to put in a lot of points.

  2. Stay away from the clan/faction wars too. They exhibit all kinds of goodies if you stick it out, and then deliver squat. I would recommend staying away from this game. The developers are only interested in making money by sucking in casual gamers. The "niodes" in this game go 8 for a dollar. Getting one of the higher level Mechs can cost over fifty dollars. You can spend several hundred dollars just buying and equipping these things. I say again, stay away from this game unless you don't mind spending a lot of money for not much reward.

  3. cli says:

    ***Warning**** stay away from this game they are more the happy to take your money but if some thing goes wrong there is no customer support and its just gone they have no contact info at all for customer support so while you can play the game and pay for it you can never get help if need. If you try contacting the developers directly they say contact customer support if you ask for the info to contact customer support no answer because hahaha there is none.

  4. Brian says:

    This is a very good game if you want something that takes thought and patience. There is absolutely nothing you HAVE to pay for. You can win good equipment, weapons and mechs for nothing. However you have to be willing to build them slow. You are granted one level free upgrade for one mech per day. Yes there are players who pay to play and just like any game they tend to do better, because well they are paying for free players, why not have the advantage? As for the Devs, they are some of the best and most responsive I have seen…ever. They have responded every time to mine and others requests, so dont know why people say they are not there. So again you can play and have fun in clans and just playing a few minutes or more a day.. just depends on how you play. It is not graphics driven it is thought driven.

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