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MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online

Release Date:  08/2012
Publisher:  Infinite Game Publishing
Developer:  Infinite Game Publishing
Genre:  Action

MechWarrior Online, developed by Pirahanna Games, is a much-anticipated Mech sim where you slip into the role of an intrepid MechWarrior, pilot a bulky BattleMech, and take the plunge into the warring Inner Sphere. Nevertheless, this free-to-play title will not be released until the later half of 2012.


Set in the year 3049, MechWarrior Online will take you to a chaotic galaxy which is dragged into an extensive yet furious interstellar war. The moment you enter into the turbulent world, you will be required to pledge allegiance to one of the five available factions which are called Great Houses in the game, and then you can create and customize your own BattleMech with a wide variety of options, such as weapons, armors and features. The aim is to take control of your BattleMech, fight against hostile warriors and conquer strategically-important planets in the Inner Sphere step by step.

And Mechwarrior Online is, in essence, a team-based multiplayer game, which means that esprit de corps is greatly valued here. You can actually build your own Mercenary Corps with three other players and participate in various game modes, like Conquest and Versus. Since you are given a lot of choices in creating your avatar, the BattleMech universe is crowed with all sorts of war machines, thus bringing some strategic elements to this game. For example, there is a giant Mech called Atlas who is thoroughly armed with cannons, lasers and missiles. A mere look at its 100-ton physique will chill you through with a shudder of horror.

Compared with precedent Mechwarrior series, Mechwarrior Online also adds a touch of realism by incorporating Information Warfare to the gameplay. In this warring universe, it is of particular significance to have a good mastery of all useful information on the battlegrounds. To achieve the goal, you can resort to avant-garde information technologies. Anyway, the outcome will be eventually laid in your hands.

Last but not least, the developer promises to present a dynamic and ever-changing universe in Mechwarrior Online, so you will go through all kinds of climates and areas, each of which requires you to respond accordingly and promptly. Can you adjust yourself well to the battle scenarios? Wait patiently for the final launch of this awesome masterpiece!


Piranha Games, the developer of Mech Warrior Online, offered a presentation of that game at the Game Developer Conference. And we were privileged to witness MWO’s in-game footage and were afterwards convinced that this game deserves players’ waiting and expectation these years.

As most of the players have been aware of, in Mech Warrior Online, the upcoming free-to-play action simulation game, you’ll have machines, or robots precisely, called Mechs in this game, to battle against other Mechs. Mech Warrior Online provides options of varied weapons to arm your robots, including torso-based armaments and arm-based ones. Weapons equipped in distinct locations, for example, under your arms, in your chest, or on your shoulder, open fire from different spots. The beauty is that you are no longer confined to focusing on the one and only place while standing idle in fear of other potential dangers and are able instead to aim at two separate targets at the same time. It is also note-worthy that you are free to go to the Mech lab for weapon and Mech customization.

The game starts in the year 3049 and parallels the actually present time. That is to say, today, it’s March 9, 3049 in the game and tomorrow it will be March 10. That is not the only effort of developers to achieve as much authenticity as possible. The game, even if offered free-to-play and only charging players in a few items, exhausted its developers in providing more fun and reducing unnecessary payable items. With its animation powered by CryEngine 3, Mech Warrior Online proved to have its effect guaranteed simply by displaying its highly detailed animation visuals. Also, every cockpit for each Mech is so distinctive that you can hardly remember that you are in a game.

Talking of robot action games, we always picture heavy and ponderous machines that are invincible. Well, not this time. Or at least that’s not the whole picture. All kinds of Mechs are employed on the battlefield in Mech Warrior Online and perform various functions, such as strikers, scouts, or commanders. As long as your Mech makes equally important contribution, you are credited with similar rewards, no matter it is in charge of watching radars or conducting and dispatching other warriors.

Although it had been suggested that this game would allow for sing-player, four-person co-operation, and multi-player modes, it turned out that only multi-player, or to be specific, 12v12 mode is available.

I waited, like lots of fans of this game, for the 2012 summer release of this game. Having been exposed to this game already, I am still waiting, with even more eagerness and impatience. Mech Warrior Online is a game you should have a try.

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  1. frank says:

    awesome man i wait for this franchise to come back now years im 57 now butthsi is good stuff comin m8

  2. Atlas Pilot says:

    Atlas wait for me babe…. xD

  3. Boom says:

    Going to have to dig out my old Joystick and Throttle set up from Mechwarrior 3. I hope I get my Hellhound!

  4. ultramon says:


  5. ultramon says:

    Actually, no wait,, ELEMENTAL!

  6. Mecho says:

    Mechwarrior huh? That Fafnir with Gauss, how I miss blasting around with it, haha fun.

  7. cybermech says:

    Is this for Macbook?

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