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Meego Village

Meego Village

Release Date:  October 04, 2012
Publisher:  A Thinking Ape, Inc.
Developer:  A Thinking Ape, Inc.
Genre:  Builder

Meego Village is an iPhone game where you are the Meego villagers to build your village by performing jobs, breeding baby Meego as well as working on harvesting, mining and chopping.


I always prefer iPad when it comes to cross-platform games and have problems with the small interface of the phone. However, Meego Village is something you would never wanna play on iPad, I’m afraid to say.

You start to harvest food, mine rocks, and chop trees around a temple. And unlike many games, Meego Village has all its resources available for a long time. That is to say, even though you assign a meego to a tree and it keeps logging, that tree will not vanish unless you’ve collected all the logs it has to offer, say, 19000 logs. As a result, you don’t have to constantly find the next target for that worker.

Resources increase by one only when your workers return to the temple to hand in their gains. That means though you start with four characters, which is pretty rare in games, you still have to suffer from the incredibly slow collection of resources. Aside from collecting resources, your people can also invent new items on the thinking rock. To that end, you just drag a meego to the rock and wait until the inventing ends.

Though the village looks rather ancient and the characters’ heads are made of wood, you’ve still got to build houses for them and keep them happy. Occasionally, you can even send your workers to travel to your neighbors’ land and get lots of rewards after they are back. However, the travel always takes hours.

Given the fact that your citizens are not attracted or purchased or obtained in any effortless way, each of them counts. Actually, aside from the four characters that you have from the get-go, all the meegos are reproduced by your earlier meegos. You drag a male meego to a female one, and then they would become intimate. After that, they go to the temple to pray and are blessed with a child. Interestingly, the mother would have to take care of the baby for a few hours, or as the game suggests, until the baby reaches 4 years old when he or she can play all by themselves – but they are still not big enough to be employed in the chores around the temple yet. After they are 18, however, they can complete various tasks.

The worker generation system is amusing, though not good enough to make the simple game immersive and appealing. Meego Village didn’t give any detailed or general tutorial. It simply designs some quests that help players to get acquainted with the basic functions of the icons and buttons. And the rest of the game is completely up to themselves. That explains why sometimes one may get confused about what to do and how to do it.

Since only the iPhone version is available, graphics are as simple as they can be. Unfortunately, they turn into a disaster when you have the game on iPad – every single stuff is in a complete blur, which absolutely sours the gaming experience.

Also, the gameplay is much too easy and deserves only a few minutes at most each day during which you could dispatch travelers and upgrade important structures.

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