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Men vs Women

Men vs Women

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Social Point
Developer:  Social Point
Genre:  Strategy

Men vs Women (Now Social Wars) is just another city-building social game developed by Social Point behind Social Empires. As the title indicates, the in-game races are two genders of the humankind in the near future-Year 2016. For no good reason, they are no longer friendly to each other. But nothing more comes up in the storytelling to make it clear and to further inspire a special battling mood. It must have been a cool setting, if not for such laziness to explain how all this happen and develop.


However, the gameplay is addicting all the same. The instructions to building are in good detail and I build one after one according to the steps offered. But I am not told about the exact placement. I visit the general and take a look at the layout of her land, which is based on grids. Now I am no longer a blind city planner. I continue with my construction until I reached the max population and got all of them working in and outside my land.

My superior is a female general in jeep clothing. When she forced me into an unprepared battle, I tend to click here and there for this general to rush at and choose to finalize the battle later. Images of workers and soldiers are pretty, but in a similar color with our enemy. I have to enlarge the view to tell girls from boys.

The building system has been developed to a limit. Before choosing the option you want to build, you have to label the target building with a specified function, like defend, house, farm, factory, attack and so on. And there are many pages of facilities to build, or buy if you are used to a boost in the earlier stage. I have sensed that there’s a large population of paying gamers out there who have regarded the boost as an investment, which will return them with a prevailing advantage over underdeveloped lands like mine. However, I am delighted to see that construction, production and defense are well supported for our newcomers. And I am determined to build up an invincible defense that would resist whoever approaches.

As to battle, the gist of all games, not a bit of guide is given before or during the battle, I cannot even find a skill to click. I just clicked at the enemy crazily and get frustrated at the energy loss of my girls. All those sent to the battle are killed and the boys roar at me: I am still alive! Look how tired out you are! I don’t know what my general is doing here. She must have been a heartfelt trainer and instructor of mine. When all of my soldiers and bazooka are sacrificed, the general throws a series of battle missions to carry out.

Thanks to the mission, I see I have another group of girls alive, waiting by the bunker, and with an unknowing click I entered the mission interface. I will never appoint a single girl for one boy enemy. This time I circle up 8 girls and lead them to a soldier standing on watch. That’s to say, my force is now 8 times his. But I still get nothing but a broken turret. After a long lying down, my girls stand up from the ashes. I am grateful that they are not gone forever. Then I aimed at the broken turret but the turret fell down no later than I began to aim at it.

A good game must offer a good opening! I need to be let in.

3 Comments on Men vs Women


  1. leo says:

    isla wainting?

  2. max says:

    i can deal with orks,but seem like the higher you level up the more they sabatoge the game,from a raid i got 620XP per hit now it 575 and keeps droppin lower and lower,was supposed to be even more but they kept fukkin' wit the xp.
    it aint even worth playin the game now,I wouldnt pay a penny for their additional packages,they just scammers

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