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Merlin The Game

Merlin The Game

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Bossa Studios
Developer:  Bossa Studios
Genre:  Adventure

Merlin The Game is a 3D real-time fantasy adventure game from Bossa Studios, the developer behind the award-winning title Monstermind.

Inspired by Merlin, one of the hottest TV series from BBC, Merlin The Game casts players in adventures across the universe of Camelot where get the opportunity to weave the story of Merlin, one of the most renowned wizard.

Instead of making a mere copy of the TV show contents, the developers manage to create meaningful extensions, allowing players to get involved in knights quests, form alliances with Merlin and Arthur and fight against the evil forces. You can play solo, but the best experiences would come through cooperation among players.

All the characters are crafted distinctively, with the animations fluid and smooth. A closed beta of this game is expected in July while the official launch will arrive this autumn simultaneously with the debut of Merlin Season 5.


Merlin The Game is incredibly excellent in every detail. But it is definitely not a game where you could spend a whole day without being interrupted.

The game amazes you from the very beginning. Right after a successful loading, you are in the woods facing menacing spiders. Your character is covered in a big cloak and has a stick in his or her hand. And just when you think that legendary magic would start in that way, your character strives to hit the spiders with the club – yes, hit. There is no spell, no wand, and no magic at all. Soon you are almost defeated, but Merlin shows up and comes to your rescue. It is from this moment that you start to customize your character – and by customize, I mean select the gender and the appearance only.

In the essence, it is a finely crafted action role-playing game where you help Arthur and Merlin by killing all the monsters that threaten to break the peace in the land of Camelot.

Naturally, you run between NPCs in town to accept missions and then go to the map to start the involved challenges. Interestingly, in Merlin The Game, missions always include multiple requirements, for example completing a specified challenge and killing x number of certain monsters. Therefore, there are times when you finish a challenge but have to challenge again before you complete the whole mission. The grinding feels fresh and new but constant visits to the same place may soon decrease the appeal and at the same time consume more of your precious resources.

Rations, talismans and royal seals are the precious resources used to start challenges and can be obtained from different NPCs in town. They replenish over time in such a slow manner that it is impossible to continue challenging as soon as you would like to. Take the rations as an example. You get 6 rations or breads every half an hour but sometimes have to spend thirty or even fifty of them to start a challenge. As soon as you use up all the rations obtained from the get-go, you are in no position to continue and can do nothing but wait – even premium players wouldn’t be privileged to speed up that process.

But when you ignore the slow progression stuff, you will find Merlin The Game perfect almost in every detail. The NPCs, including Merlin, not just offer missions. They all have their own characters and provide a completely different perspective towards the ongoing story. One might sometimes feel they are watching a cartoon or a movie instead of playing a game. The chief guide through the game, Merlin, can be so talkative that whenever you are alone with him, he could talk on and on and on. Sometimes it’s about some tips that you should know and sometimes it’s about his conditions and how he is treated by Arthur and other people. Anyway, you will never be simply killing enemies and completing missions.

The long conversations and descriptions appearing now and then help a lot in amusing players and creating the thrilling atmosphere. However, it is also the long texts that cause trouble. Given the fact that the game doesn’t allow for full screen mode, you can get an idea about what’s going on and enjoy the story – if you are patient enough to read through the long and tiny texts.

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  1. Hannah says:

    What is the game for ? Nintendo, wii, Xbox ?

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  4. mysteriouske says:

    Is the game offline?

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