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Metal Assault

Metal Assault

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.
Genre:  Sci-Fi

R.O.C, the underground military lab, explored mysteriously. Meanwhile, distinguished Professor Russell disappeared. What are the secret behind this turmoil? Now set foot on the chaotic zombies-infested city of HERZ to explore the land, repel all your enemies, and finally expose the mystery in Metal Assault.

Metal Assault, developed by renowned Korean game companies GNI & Sesi Soft, is a brilliant 2D shooter MMORPG. Recently published by Aeria Games, a superexcellent American company for handling free2play games, Metal Assault will definitely win great popularity.

You enter into the game as an agent of R.O.C and four characters are provided for your selection. Each character has its own advantages and powers: charismatic Burton excels in team-leading and front-line attacking; omnipotent Carl is talented at constantly progressing and gun shooting; Marie outshines others as an excellent military sniper; and aggressive Ai is a nimble scout. Thereafter, there are exciting missions to challenge, hordes of monsters to smash and stimulating combats to join in. The highlight lies in the gorgeous vehicles, namely, Tomahawk743, HMK-29, Guardian-175, and D-TX23, which can contain up to 4 players and are open for personal customization. How cool it is to seat in your own awesome vehicle and fly in the sky!

The gameplay of Metal Assault is also pretty powerful. You can go through all the adventure and exploration by cooperating or teaming up with your friends. If you are confident about your capability, you can face with all the challenges by going in solo. The PVP and PVE modes are well-crafted and remarkable, satisfying your different demands. Metal Assault holds appeal to both casual and professional players with diversified features.

In addition, the customization system is quite attractive with infinite options. You will confront with a considerable amount of quality equipments in your task-fulfilling journey. As mentioned above, you can adorn your own character with stylish pants and cool goggles as well as equip your vehicles with powerful cannons, tanks and choppers.

Metal Assault is currently in open beta stage and welcomes your suggestions. With so much to offer, this side-scrolling action game deserves your attention. Now join in Metal Assault to indulge yourself in fierce battles and mystery-unveiling!

Official website: http://metalassault.aeriagames.com/

2 Comments on Metal Assault


  1. Ghost2 says:

    i hate you this game isn't working anymore!! freakin server it won't work

  2. brandon says:

    metal assault have closing and shut downn never come back…….:<

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