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Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice

Release Date:  December 03, 2012
Publisher:  Double Fine Productions
Developer:  Double Fine Productions
Genre:  Simulation

Middle Manager of Justice pits players in the management of a justice branch, where all the employees are super heroes.

You will be in charge of more and more districts in a city, where all kinds of crimes take place frequently. It is your responsibility to send your heroes to investigate the cases and fight against the villains. Naturally, as one levels up, the villains he or she deals with get increasingly tough and there’s smaller chance of defeating them.

That necessitates the purchase of buff and equipment that would boost the stats of those heroes temporarily or permanently. One can also train heroes to enhance their intelligence, power, or health, and enable them to learn their respective skills and to research to unlock new items.

You start with a small office with only two rooms, and will have to add rooms for training, resting, researching, and relaxing. All those rooms are shabby and can only meet basic needs. To boost the heroes’ stats and improve the efficiency of handling the events, one has to upgrade the rooms and buy more equipment.

All the rooms and equipment consume coins. Fortunately, one can earn the coins easily by handling the cases and then receiving revenue from the districts or by engaging the manager himself in desk work.

Middle Manager of Justice gives full play to the management. Players are not just busy sending heroes to do the cases, they also have to check heroes’ stats all the time and let them have a rest, attend training, or just be motivated by the manager. The manager himself needs management too. Similar to the heroes, he levels up once he accumulates enough experience, and can give lectures that will enhance heroes’ intelligence.

As a free-to-play title, the game offers a balanced business model. Players can earn the premium money named superium by winning important battles, including the ones dealing with the tough enemies. The superium obtained in that way would be enough for purchasing the heroes and keeping things going, as long as you are willing to keep it slow. And if you would like a quick growth, the instant completion of training, or all the best heroes, you can pay for them.

However, after several hours into the game, one would find himself or herself repeating the endless case handling, resting, and training stuff without much difference. After all, the events that take place so frequently allow for delegating, which means, you select the heroes capable enough to handle the case and wait for the battle result without being forced to read the conversations and watch the battles yourself. That saves trouble but also makes the whole experience far more repetitive and less exciting.

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